What Type of Bed Is Best For Your Dog?


Figuring out which type of bed is best for your dog can be pretty tricky. It’s not like your dog can just come up and tell you that they’re not crazy about their current one. That’s why it’s good to start with a standard, cheap bed and watch how they react. Do they sleep in it regularly? Do they only rest when in it? Do they avoid it altogether? Well, if you think they don’t like it and aren’t sure which kind to go with next, this list of what type of bed is best for your dog is just for you.

Nest and Donut Beds

Both of these types are fairly similar to the standard bed type. The main difference is they have raised edges. If you notice your dog usually lays its head on the edge of the standard bed or likes to lay on the armrest of your chair, these might be a good choice. Nest beds are more open in design, so they’re ideal for larger dogs or ones that have trouble getting up. Donut beds are much deeper and cozier. They are suitable for smaller dogs or ones that like to curl up when they sleep.

Covered Beds

If you’ve noticed that your dog only sleeps when the lights are out or likes to curl up in a dark corner, covered beds may be the way to go. They are usually shaped like a doghouse and are very cute in their design. It would look great in any home, but what’s really important is they are super comfy and cozy for your dog. They are most ideal for smaller dogs, but there are larger versions on the market for big dogs, too.

Orthopedic Beds

These are probably the comfiest dog beds that exist. They can be a little pricey, so it’s only ever a good idea to get these beds for dogs with arthritis or other orthopedic problems. Older dogs, in particular, tend to love these.

Heated and Cooled Beds

If your dog seems to enjoy sunbathing or falling asleep in front of a running fan, you might want to look into a heated or cooled bed. Heated beds are also great for dogs with achy joints and often are made with orthopedic features.

Indestructible Beds

Not all dogs treat their beds well, unfortunately. Some of them think that tearing their bed apart is more fun than actually sleeping in it. That’s where indestructible beds come into play. This is a good purchase if your dog is still young and likes to rip things to shreds. Make sure you do your research before purchasing an indestructible bed, though. There are quite a few things that are good to know before doing so.


Figuring out what type of bed is best for your dog isn’t an easy task. Don’t be afraid to guess and check if you can’t seem to pin down your pup’s sleeping habits. Luckily, many dogs aren’t that picky and will be happy with whichever bed you bring home for them to sleep on.


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