Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets


by Mario Ross

When it comes to choosing a pet, many people automatically think of getting a dog or cat. However, there are other four legged creatures that can make great pets. One of these is the bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons may not be the first choice for many folks. People have many misconceptions about reptiles, thinking that they are hard to care for, are dangerous or unsuitable in the home. The great thing about bearded dragons is that they make for interesting home companions and take about as much investment in caring for the pet as it would in caring for other types of animals.

Bearded dragons are unique yet not difficult to procure. Many pet stores now carry bearded dragons and can offer advice, guidance and manuals on its proper pet care. This means that if you want one, you won’t have to look long and hard to find it. Many bearded dragons are bred in captivity ensuring a steady supply of these delightful creatures for people ready to provide them homes.

Many of the things you need to get started with a bearded dragon as well as the items you need for its care and maintenance are readily available at leading pet stores and even online pet supply stores. The aquarium, substrate, food and other accessories you’ll need for its pet care can be easily bought at the store. Part of its easy care is that they eat both vegetables and other small insects and creatures like crickets. Many vets are also trained in caring for these creatures, due to its rising popularity.

Bearded dragons are safe for children. These are generally docile and unaggressive creatures so your child is probably safer with a bearded dragon than with a Rottweiler. These reptiles like to be held and in fact thrive when they are shown affection. You can let a child touch its skin. This is a great learning opportunity about textures, reptiles and how different animals are from each other.

You won’t have to worry about a bearded dragon making a lot of noise. Unlike a dog that may incessantly bark or a cat that may decide to make your sofa into a scratching post, a bearded dragon is pretty happy as long as it gets enough warmth, food and water. It’s not likely to get into trouble.

These are just some of the reasons why bearded dragons can make a great addition to your home. You won’t grow bored with your beardie and if you show it some attention, you’ll find joy with your interesting pet.

Mario Ross is the author of the free eBook “Bearded Dragon Quick Start”. His blog will provide useful bearded dragon care sheets and he is offering his eBook free of charge to anyone interested in keeping bearded dragons as pets.


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