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Dogs canine bone cancer infographic header
Canine Osteosarcoma Infographic

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive, cancerous tumor that develops in bones. It can occur in humans, in dogs, and even (rarely) in cats. Canine osteosarcoma (bone cancer in dogs) spreads rapidly…

Dogs pug dog with valentine gifts
15 Signs Your Dog Loves You

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, who says your Valentine can’t be your perfect pooch?! Let’s take a look at ways you can tell that your pooch holds you in their…

Dogs lil and bubba sleeping
A Pitbull Love Story

I’ll never forget the moment I first laid my eyes on a pitbull puppy. My brother had called my parents the night before, pleading with them to adopt this helpless puppy he had come across who was in danger of being euthanized. At the time, our family wasn’t seeking adoption of another dog, as we already cherished our beloved mutt, Snickers. Yet being the saps we all are, my parents agreed to meet my brother and the puppy the following day.

He had a small frame with large, tadpole eyes and even bigger paws, a beautiful brindle pattern sloping his sleek body. Though a puppy, he was fairly calm and could melt anyone’s heart with his sullen, droopy stare. After we had all taken turns doting on him (whom my brother hastily named Bubbies), a confession was made: Bubbies was a pitbull mixed with boxer.

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