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0 A Pug’s Perspective: The Dream Owner

As a Pug I am often associated with some of the least flattering stigmas of dogs. I am often cited as having “little dog syndrome” or being the spoiled, obese family pet of choice. I feel I am often misunderstood and seen as a small chuck of dog to feed and cuddle with. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy those things as much as any other dog. But my dream owner is not someone who just feeds me and tells me to lie down next to them. There are a few other things I need from an owner in order for me to be the best friend I possibly can to them.


  • Owner that walks but doesn’t run: I may be genetically disposed to being fat but I actually do enjoy exploring the world and smelling different things. We Pugs are very free-spirited and curious dogs. While we definitely don’t like to fetch and exercise as much as some other dogs we do understand that exercise keeps us healthy but we are not racing in the Olympics anytime soon so an owner that likes small strolls but not 6 mile runs is much preferred.
1 For Better or Worse, Finding the Right Dog for Your Home

Deciding to bring a new canine member into your family can be an exciting yet difficult task. With so many different types of dog breeds available, it’s no surprise that choosing the right pooch for your family can be challenging. As a long-standing business owner in the pet industry, I’m often asked to make breed recommendations. This request has never been met with an easy answer; from purebreds to rescue dogs, each personality is different. Even dogs of the same breed have such distinct mannerisms that choosing the right one may take some work.

Step One: Take a look at your lifestyle.

First, and probably most importantly, take a realistic look at your lifestyle. Determining your hours away from home as well as the type of activities you enjoy will greatly determine the type of dog that is best suited for your family. Questions you can ask yourself include: Do I work long hours? Travel a lot? Spend a lot of time outside hiking or running? Enjoy relaxing couch time? There are different dogs that can fit into each of these categories.

1 Pukka’s Promise

Ted Kerasote has the ability to take boring research material and turn it into an engaging can’t-put-the-book-down reading experience by taking the reader on a journey. From losing his beloved Merle to the great search for Pukka, in Pukka’s Promise Kerasote takes us along on his quest for answers.

If you enjoyed Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog and Pukka: The Pup After Merle as much as I did, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of his latest book . . . Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs.

1 DryPet’s A Fix For Rainy Day Blues

Embroidered paw prints on DryPet TowelWe were contacted by the nice folks over at DryPet to see if we could give their doggie towel a test run. Of course we can! We have lots of pets, everyone we know has pets. The only problem we had was deciding who would get to give the towel its test run . . .

The package arrived from Canada, packed well in a large manila envelope. Not a big deal, it’s a towel. We were really impressed by the lightness and feel of the towel, the color (a beautiful brown), and the quality detail of the embroidered paws in the corner. We also noted that the instructions say not to use fabric softener when washing, but that the towel is otherwise washer and dryer safe. It’s also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Good to know.

Even though we liked the towel’s look and feel, we were a tad disbelieving as we forwarded the towel to our guinea pig selected tester. The experiment went better than expected. Here’s what our lucky lady with four dogs had to say about her DryPet towel testing experience…

3 Ultimate Exercise Buddy

We all long for health, fitness, and vitality and many of us made New Year resolutions to work on that. We buy fancy new exercise shoes and high dollar attire to wear while walking on “top of the line” treadmills. We eat foods that we have trouble pronouncing and can’t quite afford because the health food magazines recommend it. Somehow it all falls by the wayside and we feel we will never attain our goal. Yet the one thing that won’t cost us a penny we don’t often consider to best motivate us – our dogs.

Our loyal, lovable, even-tempered furry best friends not only are motivated to exercise, but see exercise as a reward. Imagine that. The new shoes that quickly get dirty, and the health diet that inevitably gets broken, doesn’t compare to your dog holding its leash in its mouth reminding you that twenty minutes outside will make both of you feel better.

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