2013 Pet-Sitting Industry Forecast


King, NC (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

A new e-book released by Pet Sitters International (PSI) this month highlights the growth of the in-home pet-care industry and shares encouraging industry data for pet-loving entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the nation’s ever-growing love affair with pets.

PSI’s “2013 Pet-Sitting Industry Forecast” —a follow-up to the association’s 2012 report—is a compilation of data from its State of the Industry Survey, current market research, its collective intellectual capital and knowledge from its 18-year history and more than 7,100 member businesses. Analyzing the current climate, culture, increased competition and continuing opportunities within the professional pet-sitting industry, PSI predicts another stellar year for this growing profession.

“As pet ownership grows and pet owners become more aware of their pet-care options, the demand for qualified, professional pet sitters and dog walkers will continue to grow,” noted PSI President Patti Moran.

The “2013 Pet-Sitting Industry Forecast” explores how professional pet-sitting services now extend beyond cat and dog care. More than 60 percent of PSI’s member businesses also offer pet-care services for birds, fish and cage pets. This expansion of services is not surprising considering the American Pet Product Association’s findings in its 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey that pet ownership is up across the board, including bird and fish ownership.

PSI’s e-book also notes another sign of the growing industry—the recent influx of numerous online pet-sitter directories and pet-care search sites, often funded by venture capitalists and tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

“Those currently in or entering the pet-sitting industry today face more competition, but also have access to more tools and resources than ever before to help them gain a competitive advantage over amateur pet-care providers,” said Moran.

PSI is offering the “2013 Pet-Sitting Industry Forecast” e-book free of charge to current and prospective pet-care professionals on the association’s website. Site visitors can also access additional free resources, including another recent e-book, “The Five Must-Do Steps to Starting a Successful Pet-Sitting Business.”

To learn more about PSI, becoming a pet sitter or to find a local PSI pet sitter, visit http://www.petsit.com.



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