Animal Planet Investigates: Dogfighting Exposed


Animal Planet airs a special program tonight, at 10 p.m. EST/PST, exposing the grim underworld of U.S. dogfighting.

Animal Planet Investigates is a compelling new series of quarterly specials, beginning with the premier of “Dogfighting Exposed.” This new series brings animal protection issues and investigative journalism together in a show spotlighting the complex, behind-the-scenes work of advocating for animals.

Tonight’s special features never-seen footage from high-profile dogfighting raids, as well as interviews with The HSUS’ animal fighting experts, John Goodwin and Chris Schindler, and other team members. The prime-time special promises to take viewers on nail-biting busts, exploring what is being done to educate and rehabilitate offenders and touching on their work with the Michael Vick case.

It also showcases their End Dogfighting program, which diverts inner-city youths from dogfighting and casts pit bulls in the image of friends, not fighters.

While revealing the ugliness of dogfighting, the program shows the immense progress the HSUS has made against it and offers hope for saving dogs from this cruel fate.

A Starring Role for The HSUS
– Animal Planet sets new TV standard for animal issue programing.

Complete list of air times for Animal Planet Investigates: Dogfighting Exposed.


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