Author Michael Palmer

Michael is an animal lover, currently the owner of one rescue centre cat called Satch. He is a freelance writer and pet lover, writing on behalf of MORE TH>N. These are his own thoughts and do not represent the views of MORE TH>N.

Cats woman with cat

The Rise of the Cat Widower

There’s a reason why people talk about ‘crazy cat ladies’ and not ‘crazy cat men’ and it’s probably due to the fact that women tend to find it easier to show their…

General President Barack Obama, with the family dog Bo, playing football on the South Lawn of the White House May 12, 2009.

The World’s Most Powerful Pets!

The pets of the powerful hold a certain fascination for us. Here’s a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly (and their pets). Margaret Thatcher’s Cat Humphrey Humphrey wandered into…

Cats vintage photo of 3 dogs sitting in a classic car

The Law on Transporting Pets

Many of us regard our pets as an extended member of the family and, as a result, like to take them with us on days out or even longer periods away from…

General robotic pet

Could a Robot Pet Ever be as Good as the Real Thing?

Whether you’re a pet owner, or just pet-curious, you might be wondering whether robot pets can ever be as good as the real thing. Every year, a new ‘fake fluffy’ seems to appear on the market, and whilst they might be ideal for small children, can they really provide happiness to an adult owner?

The advantages of robo-pets
Let’s start by looking at the pros of owning a robotic pet. Firstly, they don’t need feeding (unless you’re looking at an old-school Tamagotchi) or exercising, and there’s no mess to clean up if they have a little accident. This could save you a small fortune in time and money, but then it all depends on how much your robo-pet sets you back in the first place.