The Rise of the Cat Widower


There’s a reason why people talk about ‘crazy cat ladies’ and not ‘crazy cat men’ and it’s probably due to the fact that women tend to find it easier to show their emotions and feelings than the average male. Of course, women have a maternal instinct too, and for some, hugging and caring for a pet can be almost as rewarding as having your own children.

However, if you’re a guy whose girlfriend or wife is smitten with their kitten, or batty about their cat, it’s easy to feel a bit left out. While envying an animal may seem a little extreme, what are you do if the love of your life seems more keen to spend time with their moggy than they are with you?

There are three possible courses of action. 1) test her loyalty and see who she picks; 2) learn to accept the cat for the sake of your relationship; 3) kiss goodbye to your ‘crazy cat lady.’ Obviously, for the sake of true love and all that, we’d prefer if you’d pick one of the first two options…

If you’re still undecided about whether your significant other would choose you or the cat, there are a couple of fun ways to check where her loyalty lies.

A) On Christmas or Valentine’s Day, has she ever forgotten to buy you a present because she was too wrapped up (pardon the pun) buying gifts for the cat?

B) Has she ever refused sex in bed because moving the cat from between the two of you would wake him or her up?

C) Is she happy to pick up your cat’s poo from around the garden/front porch, but hasn’t got the time to pick up your dry-cleaning on the way home?

If you’ve answered “yes” to more than two of these three questions, then chances are you’re suffering from serious cat competition. Assuming you don’t wish to go with Option 3 that we mentioned earlier, it’s time to break out the big guns (not literally, of course) and employ some clever tactics to win back your lady’s affections!

Firstly, talk to your better half and explain clearly (but kindly) that you understand the cat is important to her, but you would like to spend more quality time together as a couple. Do not, under any circumstances, blame her beloved feline. Tell her you love the cat with all your heart, but suggest you go out for a nice meal or to catch the latest James Bond or rom-com film at the cinema tonight, while the cat has a snooze?

Secondly, find activities that will enable you to spend time with the missus without parting her from the cat. For example, a night on the sofa with a good film will allow her to cuddle you as well as the cat.

Finally, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Grab the cat’s favourite toy or a piece of string, and perform your cutest play-time routine with the cat while your girlfriend/wife looks on adoringly at the pair of you. It’s bound to score you some brownie points, and possibly more…

Featured Image Credit – Woman with Cat by Kiky Anharizal


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