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Be a Shelter to the Ignored Ones: Rescue Them


by Kate Wilson

Every year many animals are abandoned, abused or lost. Animal lovers always have a chance to reach out to them and help them by the means of nonprofit organizations. Starting a nonprofit organization is not easy, but with determination, passion and the right guidance, it can be done. There may be problems regarding fundraising, organization, taxes, etc. Hence, initiative and expertise of many people who believe in the same idea are very important.

Here are some guidelines that you should follow in order to help animals by starting up a non-profit organization that helps animals:

Call community leaders, local animal shelters and friends to ask about the needs of the community. Find out about the current situation in the area and about the assistance given to the local animals to decide whether further changes are needed or not.

Many areas have kill shelters where lost pets are exterminated within a few days of pick up. These organizations are set up and funded to help the animals but in reality they kill them to make their work easier. An animal rescue center is very important in such areas so that the pets can be cared for until they are adoptable.

Recruit passionate individuals
A group of people sharing the same passion can be a better than a single person. Finding people who share a love of animals and have some free time to devote to the cause can be easy. The social networking sites are full of groups and pages dedicated to animal lovers.

Recruit those with the ability and the access to fund and promote rising opportunities, those having an expertise in legal matters, experience of looking after the welfare of animals and connections in the media. These people can then be included to form a committee that may eventually become the board of operations.

Develop a mission
Once the committee is established, it is very important to form a mission statement that reflects the chosen case. The mission statement should justify the existence of the society. The group members can be asked for contributions and feedback. The mission should clearly state the goals. Write this statement and an explanation of the goals into official articles of incorporation documents.

Set up an account
A checking account or a PayPal account for the funds that are raised by the committee members has to be opened. This account has to be used only for animal rescue start up and operations.

Hire an attorney or even researches can be conducted at an individual level. Filing the necessary forms with the state government and the IRS are the next big steps.

Work on the infrastructure
Construct or purchase the required facilities for the purpose of an animal rescue center. Trained and professional staff is also required at the center to take care of the animals. Or otherwise, proper training can be given to the volunteer staff to take care of the rescued animals.

Once the set-up is complete, marketing and publicizing is the next big step. The existence of the rescue center should be brought in everyone’s notice, at least in the concerned area. Billboards, pamphlets and radio are very useful for spreading the word. Partner with the shelters and other animal welfare centers in that area can attract attention. Use of social media can help in further publicizing the work of the nonprofit organization.

Creating a website with an option of online money transfer can also be useful. There are many people around the world who want to help, but do not find a suitable place to do so. Attracting these people can be done by creating a simple and easy to navigate website, maintaining the originality and passion of the organization. Blogs offers a low cost and yet effective way of letting the word out.

Many dogs and other animals are abandoned due to various reasons. An organization can form the bridge between these animals and society. If there are motivated people around, they can take initiative and contribute to rescue these animals and make the world a better place for them. A veterinary doctor and other assistance can add to the betterment of these animals.

Taking on such a responsibility is not one day’s job. It requires consistent efforts and continuous motivation. Love for animals is not enough, a thorough knowledge about animal welfare including vaccinations, de-worming techniques, proper sanitation and hygiene are also important.


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  1. Belinda Stroming on

    A great advocacy indeed. Starting a non-profit organization for animal welfare might be hard at first, but I am 100% sure there are like-minded individuals just waiting to be called to do their duty and contribute out there

  2. This is a great blog calling for passionate individuals willing to help keep abandoned animals to safety. I agree that there should be legalized asylum for these animals where they will be kept until adoption. Pity to those animals that are exterminated due to negligence of duty and commitment. I love to support the foundation just to save animals from the hands of the negligent individuals.

  3. Our animals and pets deserve to be taken cared of. Reading a blog like this is a good start to open our minds and hearts about this important topic. I believe that each one of us has its own responsibility with our pets. They deserve to live, be treated well, and make them part of our lives. Aside from adopting one, be sure that they have given the proper care they need. Once in a while, pamper them with things they deserve to have.

  4. This blog is very heartwarming. I mean, if you are an animal lover you will emphatize to those animals with no home to sleep under, with no good hands to give them food. I adore those individuals who adopted lost pets or homeless animals to their homes. I hope that there is a proper shelter for these animals. The caretakers are not rude, patient enough to rear the animals until adoption and not exterminate them for their own good.

  5. This is a heart melting post. I can relate on the blog because I am also pet owner. I can say that animals need to be taken care because they are valuable. Giving this homeless pet a shelter is one of the most fulfilling things to do. Thus, I also agree on the latter part of the blog that loving requires knowledge so that we could properly know the right thing to do with our pets.

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