Carrie the Dancing Dog


As always we love to share talented dogs with our readers. Here is an extraordinary one you can watch dancing the merengue.

Carrie, a golden retriever, is better known as La Perrita Bailaria at home in Chile. She not only dances but goes trick-or-treating on her hind legs in full costume. She can turn on and off lights, open and shut doors and is certainly a local celebrity.

Jose Fuentes is her dancing partner and would love nothing more to entertain the world with their unique dance routines.

Recently Carrie and Jose appeared on CBS David Letterman Late Night show. Most of her acts are primarily in Spanish and performed in videos. Visit their website and facebook page to see more.

There are several videos of different dances but this has got to be the best.


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  1. What a talented dog! Amazing the time and effort people put in to training their dogs. Perhaps a new reality show “Dancing with the Dogs” is in order!

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