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In Loving Memory of Otis

We recently received an email from Kevin Tarzanin sharing a video. Once we watched it we knew we wanted to share with our readers. It is a tribute to Otis and dogs everywhere. It is absolutely enjoyable to listen to and the lyrics tout the great attributes of our furry friends. Their music is a blending of early Ska, Reggae, Soul, Rock, New Orleans brass arrangements and hip-hop.

The song was written by Kevin Tarzania in memory of his dog Otis who he was lucky to have as a friend for 15 years. Kevin is a member of the band Bullbuckers who recorded the song simply titled “Otis”.

Dogs dog riding in a car with his gums flapping in the wind of the window
Dogs Riding in Cars

We all know how much MOST dogs love riding in the car. Sure, there’s the occasional nervous Nellie, but for the most part they are ready to go. Here are…

More Pets & Animals
Ball Python Care

by Ricky from Ricky’s Reptile Enclosures

There are few pets on the market today that elicit the same response as snakes. Just mention the word snake around the dinner table and at least one person will cringe! Over many years of TV shows and stories being passed down about snakes being notorious killers of man, it is hard to convince everyone that some snakes are actually more docile then the common hamster. The stigma surrounding snakes has become less daunting over the past 20 years, with the Ball Python becoming one of the most common pets owned throughout North America. When Ball Pythons were originally introduced to the public as pets they cost several thousand dollars, but today with breeders on the corner of every street the price of the common Ball Python has dropped to only around fifty dollars. With millions of Ball Pythons changing hands every year there has become a growing need for information. The internet has provided an avenue for sharing information with consumers, regardless of the information provided.

Shelters & Rescues
Living By Instinct

Living By Instinct is a documentary that explores the passion that drives animal rescuers. An inspiring look at how some people act to rescue and protect animals that suffer as…

Carrie the Dancing Dog

As always we love to share talented dogs with our readers.

Carrie, a golden retriever, is better known as La Perrita Bailaria at home in Chile. She not only dances but goes trick-or-treating on her hind legs in full costume. She can turn on and off lights, open and shut doors and is certainly a local celebrity.

Jose Fuentes is her dancing partner and would love nothing more to entertain the world with their unique dance routines.


The brand new video for “White Knuckles” premiered Monday, September 20th on the Ellen Degeneres Show. It caught our eye because they are an awesome group and it features dogs with a request to support animal rescue.

A bio by Ira Glass on the website gives a wonderful description of the band. “OK Go is the polymath band who – with only five bucks and a camcorder – did what none of the giant record labels could, inventing a new way for a band to connect with fans and changing the way people think about music and the Internet. Great story, though it overlooks the most important thing about the band: its music. What makes OK Go great is that they write and perform great songs.”

The World’s Most Tolerant Cats

If you’re a cat you have to watch out for babies and puppies!

Sometimes cats are tolerant beyond all belief. Check out these videos featuring some of the most tolerant cats in the world . . . and the babies and puppies who dare to test their tolerance.

Crunch n’ Clean Dog Tooth Brushing Contest

Hartz wants a video of you brushing your dog’s teeth! And, they’ll give the Grand Prize winner $1,000 cash, one year’s supply of the CrunchNClean™ dog biscuits, as well as an assortment of other dog treats and toys.

Here’s what you need to do to enter their contest:

  1. Brush your dog’s teeth and film the event. (The cuter or funnier your dog is, the better.)
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