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NatGEO’s got another show airing this weekend. I haven’t seen this one, so this isn’t a review – it’s just a quick note with some video previews and an invitation to join me in watching this show at 8pm (EST) tonight. You may already be familiar with Christian the Lion, the YouTube celeb. NatGEO’s Unlikely Animal Friends will be featuring the story of John and Ace and their unlikely friendship with Christian, and lots more during the hour long program . . .

The weekend’s show features a friendship between a baby hippo and a giant tortoise, a lioness and a baby oryx, an orangutan and a hound dog, and more. Join me and tune in to UNLIKELY ANIMAL FRIENDS tonight at 8PM (EST)!

An elephant holds vigil for a sick dog. A baby hippo chooses a giant tortoise as a surrogate parent. A lion instantly recognizes two men a year after their last encounter. And a lioness turns down an easy kill when she comes across a baby oryx. Can animals really build friendships with other species, people, or even their own prey? How do these odd couples come to be? What do they gain from these improbable companionships? This one-hour special will take a heartwarming look at these curious bonds and explore the emotional complexities behind unlikely animal friends.

“Unlikely Animal Friends: Christian the Lion”
John and Ace raised Christian, the lion, since he was a cub.
Will he recognize his old friends after being released into the wild?

“Unlikely Animal Friends: The Orangutan and the Hound”
When Surya, the orangutan, meets a hound dog by the river, the two carry on like long lost friends.


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