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A Nationwide Pet Tax

I recently perused the U.S. government’s official web portal where the notifications section gives the general public easy access to a variety of updates. As I was reading over the different updates, I stumbled upon an announcement that stated “every household that has a pet will be taxed for each pet they own.” The more I read, the more further I went into orbit. I try to keep up with the pending new laws, but this one has not received the attention that it should have!

The law clearly states that an average $250 tax will apply to all dogs and cats throughout the nation. While farm animals are still undetermined, taxes will definitely be imposed on any animal that can be considered a domestic pet. Evidently the tax for smaller pets such as hamsters, rats, snakes, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. will be assessed at a reduced rate, depending on size.

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Detroit Rejects Breed Ban

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