The Dog Whisperer Celebrates its 100th Episode


National Geographic has been showing some great Dog Whisperer episode since Christmas. Tonight at 8pm they’ve got a Great Dane and a Lhasa Apso in the line up.

Here’s what their release says about this up-coming episode:

Problems come in all sizes, and in this episode Cesar takes on a massive Great Dane and a little Lhasa apso. First, meet Hailie and Heath and their Great Dane, Bacchus. Just recently Bacchus developed aggression toward dogs he’s not familiar with. He used to be fine on walks to the dog park, but now he rears up onto his back legs at the sight of another dog. Hailie and Heath hope Cesar will be able to reinstate this once Great Dane. Then, Christine’s Lhasa apso Jody is literally eating her family out of house and home. Jody will chow on anything she can get her paws on, even once swallowing needles from a sewing kit. Christine would like to rid Jody of her enormous appetite, but isn’t sure how to lay the rules out on the table. Can Cesar eliminate Jody’s hunger pangs?

Following that episode, the Dog Whisperer is celebrating its 100th Episode with a grand reunion of many of the past guests — and their dogs — all in one place at one time!


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