Guidelines To Consider Before Adopting Pet Rabbit


by David Neil Warren

Did you recently adopt a pet rabbit but don’t know yet how to take care of its health and its grooming needs? You need not to worry because in this article, we will share to you important things that you need to know about rabbit hygiene. As you know, maintaining the health and welfare of the rabbit or any other pets for that matter is the main concern of any pet owners and one way to do that is by making sure that they are properly hygienic all the time. Here are the important things that you must remember:

  1. Never submerge them in a bath – One of the first things that you should remember is that you do not bath your rabbits. What you could do is to use clean damp cloth (soaked in lukewarm water) to clean their skin and hair. They are not very comfortable in having baths so do not try to submerge them in a bathtub or basin. If you truly need to use soap then make sure that, it is mild and hypoallergenic. Rabbits have sensitive skin so you must be careful all the time.

  2. Clean their genital scent glands thoroughly – As you probably noticed, rabbits have strong odor of urine so you should always make sure to clean their genital glands thoroughly. Cleaning the genital glands especially when you see urine scalding will prevent infections.

  3. Routine brushing for adult rabbits – You should know that adult rabbits need routine brushing especially during shedding. The frequency of brushing depends on the breed of rabbit that you have. You should consult your vet regarding shedding to know more about the proper care your rabbit needs.

  4. Clean their ears regularly – It is also very important to clean their ears deeply and thoroughly. There are over-the-counter solutions that can help you remove or dissolve wax build up.

  5. Clip their nails regularly – It is recommendable to cut the nails of your rabbits around once or twice a month. It is not good to grow their nails because as mentioned they have sensitive skin so keeping their nails long might cause injuries to themselves.

  6. Keeping the cage clean is very essential – When talking about proper hygiene, you should never forget about their cage. It is very vital that you keep their cage clean all the time. You should clean the litter box every day since the urine of rabbits have strong odor.

  7. Mental stimulation is also important – Lastly, you should be concerned about their mental health as well. You should provide some exciting exercises or activities for them to avoid boredom. Rabbits do not respond well to boredom because they have tendencies of getting depressed easily.

It is very important to consider each idea mentioned in this article to make sure that you are providing the best care for your pet rabbit. Things about proper hygiene of rabbits may be a bit difficult and confusing especially if you are new to having rabbit but as time pass by, you will surely learn more. Do not forget to ask your vet if there are things that you are not sure about whether concerning your rabbit’s hygiene, health or physical appearance. It is always best to follow the advices of the experts.

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  1. Marry Klavins on

    I’ve been thinking of having a pet rabbit in our family. My kids have been requesting for it since last year. I never thought it’s not that hard to take care of rabbits. Thanks for these tips!

  2. It is a good point about bathing the rabbit you adopt. It is possible also to put the rabbit’s hind legs and up to top of tail into a plastic bowl with warm water with pet shampoo stirred into the water if the rabbit has an extremely dirty bottom area.

    However if the rabbit is messy around its tail it could mean that the rabbit’s diet is incorrect. One thing that causes diarrhoea in rabbits is lettuce.

    After any bathing the rabbit needs to be dried completely before returning to his usual place because he can easily get a chill.

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