Home Improvements You Can Make for Your Pets


When you’re making changes to your house, you’d probably like those changes to result in a positive change, whether aesthetic, expansion, or even just upkeep. But there are many ways to improve your home for your four-legged friends that live in it. If you want to make life a little more enjoyable for them, look at these home improvements you can make for your pets.

Heated Floors

You can add heated floors to your entryway, bathroom, kitchen, or your pet’s favorite room at a surprisingly inexpensive cost. These are great ideas for cooler climates and older animals who need the heat for their muscles.


Another easy and affordable option, outdoor ramps are great for aging pets who are having trouble going up and down stairs. The ramps make your home more accessible and won’t tire your pet out. You can make them as simple as a big piece of plywood or as complex as a stone addition to your porch or patio.

Wash Stations

If your pet likes to go on long hikes or roll around in the dirt, a bathing station right at the entrance to your home might work for you. If you have a bathroom with a shower right by your door, throw on a detachable showerhead and wash off the dirt. This will save you the clean-up time of mopping the floors and keep them off the furniture.

Doggy Doors

This is the most common home improvement you can make for your pet. A doggy door is great if your yard has a fence. This can save you time by not having to let them out, but it also avoids accidents since they can go whenever they need to. It also lets them get more outdoor time and exercise if they want it. The doggy door gives your dog as much freedom as they can have as a pet and will improve their quality of life.

Pets are a part of your family. And with more and more young couples choosing to get pets before having children, it’s more important than ever that you take your furry companions into account when updating your home. Heated floors, wash stations, ramps, and doggy doors are all great places to start when you’re looking to take care of your pet.


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