HomeHeart Vets Offers Compassionate Alternative to End-Of-Life Pet Care


The company partners with local veterinarians to bring quality pet care into owners’ homes.

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HomeHeart Vets, an in-home pet euthanasia service, offers a more compassionate and peaceful end-of-life option for pet owners. HomeHeart Vets was founded in 2017 by two veterinarians, Dr. David Birse and Dr. Samantha Shone, with the mission to support pet parents by providing the gift of a comfortable passing for their beloved pet within the familiar surroundings of home.

In 2020, pet ownership in the U.S. rose from 67% of households to an all-time high of 70%¹. Pets have an essential role in comforting their human companions and owners want to provide their pets with the same comfort when they are putting their pet to sleep by keeping them at home.

Co-Founder, Dr. David Birse, comments on the need for companies like HomeHeart Vets. “Despite the best efforts of veterinary teams, euthanasia in the clinical setting can never live up to the experience we can deliver in the comfort of home. We work with vets to offer their clients a better way to say goodbye.” Acting as an extension of local veterinarians, the company is offering to bring that quality pet care into client homes, being available when and where they are needed.

“I’m passionate about creating an intimate space for pet parents to honor the love and life of their animal companions as they say goodbye in familiar surroundings.”

Dr. Sam Shone, Co-Founder Homeheart Vets

“As a veterinarian and one of the cofounders of PetLossCommunity.com, I know how difficult saying goodbye to a beloved pet can be,” shares industry influencer, Dr. Lisa Lippman. “The in-home euthanasia services provided by HomeHeart Vets are amazing. They are caring and compassionate and help guide their clients through the toughest time in their life with sympathy, empathy, and warmth. I recommend them to everyone.”

HomeHeart Vets promises an end-of-life experience that will provide pet owners with peace of mind, and a community of support to help them grieve their loss,” shares Co-Founder, Dr. Sam Shone. “I’m passionate about creating an intimate space for pet parents to honor the love and life of their animal companions as they say goodbye in familiar surroundings. I couldn’t do this in regular practice, and therefore HomeHeart Vets was born.”

HomeHeart Veterinary End of Life Care

About HomeHeart Vets

HomeHeart Vets provides in-home euthanasia for pets. For all they give to us in life, pets deserve a dignified, pain-free death. When the time comes to say goodbye, HomeHeart Vets helps pet parents make the right decisions for their pets and ease their anxiety around the process and timing. With gentle, empathetic care, their expert veterinarians ensure that a pet’s euthanasia is a peaceful experience that honors their life and that pet parents have the support they need after their beloved family member is gone. HomeHeart Vets has been operating since 2017 and provide their services in the New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia Metro areas.

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