How To Clean Up After a Pet Accident


Anyone who has ever been the owner of a new puppy knows just how much work they can be. One of the main sources of this work is the seemingly endless times you must clean up your puppy’s accidents. Don’t worry, this phase of dog ownership won’t last forever! But in the meantime, you’ll need to learn how to clean up after a pet accident.

Clean Up the New Mess

Accidents happen—with a puppy, they’re inevitable. When your puppy makes a mess on the floor, don’t yell or panic. Instead, relocate your puppy to the place they’re supposed to do their business, and get to work cleaning the mess. Mop up any urine with paper towels as best you can. Remove any feces from the floor with a plastic bag or paper towels. If your dog’s accident is on a carpet, it may be a bit more difficult to clean up, but try rinsing the spot with water and blotting up the moisture as best you can.

Neutralize Odors

Even if you can’t smell it, your puppy will be able to smell the remnants of the accident even after you’ve mopped it up. Unless you want your puppy to adopt the spot you’ve just cleaned as their permanent pee-place, you’ll need to neutralize any odors. You can find cleaning products made specifically for this purpose at your local pet store.

Clean Old Stains

If your puppy had an accident that you never found, or if the accident leaves stains even after having been cleaned, you’ll need to address those stains. Try using household cleaning products like deodorizers and carpet stain removers first. If that doesn’t work, you may need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Professionals will have methods and equipment that are better equipped to remove tough stains and odors from your carpets than household methods and products.

Knowing how to clean up after a pet accident is an important part of pet ownership. Accidents are a normal part of owning a puppy, and you’ll never be able to completely prevent them. But with the right knowledge and methods, you’ll be able to keep your home clean and stain-free despite those accidents.


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