My Dog Ate What?


My Dog Ate What? has returned to Nat Geo Wild.

My Dog Ate What? Rat Poison, a Zipper and Tennis Balls
Wednesday, November 10, 2010, at 9 PM ET/PT
Frannie-Lou the Westie ate a mango pit that stayed in her system for about 11 months before it was detected. Pointing lab Primo learns that some plants are better left rooted after he swallows a dieffenbachia plant, which is toxic to dogs. He faces a lifesaving tracheostomy. Later, Maddie the beagle swallows a large piece of carpet and speaker wire after suffering an allergic reaction to chicken and undergoes a complicated hospital visit. Mastiff Elvis swallows not one but three tennis balls, and the situation proves no ballgame, as the third ball requires a procedure that could be deadly. And, when beloved cockatoo Hoppee ingests 75 zipper teeth, his vet must find a creative way to remove them.

My Dog Ate What? Batteries, a Rock and Cereal Boxes
Wednesday, November 17, 2010, at 9 PM ET/PT
Golden retriever-Labrador mix Hoyt swallows a bottle cap that lodges in his stomach, prompting an emergency run to the clinic in rush-hour traffic. Ella Maurice is a smart collie who makes a terrible mistake when she swallows two AA batteries whole and needs surgery before the batteries have a chance to leak. Meanwhile, German shepherd Myla swallows a pincushion full of pins and needles, and an African spurred tortoise becomes sick after eating everything from seven screws to 42 pebbles. And, yellow Lab Frankenstein downs two boxes of cereal, including the boxes, proving what a monster he can really be. Join us as these household pets and owners realize something is seriously wrong.


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