Recent Allegations Against Angel’s Gate


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is seeking an investigation into the activities or lack thereof at Angel’s Gate located in Delaware County, Delhi NY. An investigator for PETA who posed as a volunteered at the shelter found that the rehabilitation center failed to properly treat animals in deteriorating health, intentionally denied the creatures water and shelter and left carcasses of dead pets out among living for days.

In the 26-page complaint given to the district attorney’s office, PETA said its undercover agent, who was at Angel’s Gate for 21 days at the end of November and beginning of December, witnessed the following:

Paraplegic dogs dragging themselves on the ground until they developed bruises when canine-fitted wheelchairs were readily available; pets covered for days in urine and feces; animals failing to receive prescribed medication and others given prescription medicine without a veterinarian’s consent; animals left with only rancid meat to eat; pets with easily treatable medical conditions left uncared for; and carcasses left among living animals for days.

District Attorney Richard T. Northrup said his staff is reviewing the report by the animal-rights group stemming from its clandestine examination of Angel’s Gate Animal Hospice. Northrup stated that this was the first time a complaint had come to his office about Angel’s Gate.

PETA has released a video which it said documents the neglect and abuse. The animal-rights group said it was tipped off to the allegations by a young woman who applied for a job at Angel’s Gate and was appalled by what she saw.

WARNING! The video is extremely disturbing to watch!!

Read the Action Alert “Angel’s Gate Hospice Consumer Deception” and please join PETA in thanking District Attorney Richard Northrup Jr. for investigating Angel’s Gate and politely urge him to ensure that the animals there get immediate help and to consider filing cruelty-to-animals charges (and any other applicable charges) against Marino.

The nonprofit facility was founded in 1993 by Susan Marino. Angel’s Gate and Marino have been featured on Oprah, The Rachael Ray Show, People magazine and Martha Stewart Living to name a few. Marino received the 2001 ASPCA Founders Award for her facility on Long Island.

Marino, 59, told the Times Union that allegations about her shelter mistreating and failing to properly care for the animals are false.

August 2010 we wrote about Angel’s Gate need for your help and support. We now ask you to suspend your involvement until further notice.

If the allegations are found to be true, we sincerely hope the District Attorney’s office imposes punishment that will make a loud and clear statement to all who chose to abuse animals.


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  1. Please join us in thanking District Attorney …..Richard Northrup Junior for investigating Angels Gate and politely …..urge him to ensure that the animals there get immediate help and … consider filing cruelty-to-animals charges and any other …..applicable charges against Marino………..

  2. Hello everyone. I would like to know about last news about Angel´s Gate and its owner Susan Marino. Also, PETA behaved wrong in this issue according the information I recently received. Someone who has proven and reliable information can submit it to me please? Thank You.

  3. Such rehabilitation centers should be assisting in rapidly speeding-up the healing process and assisting the animal return to its previous functional level faster & safer than without intervention. Yet such reports lead animal lovers only to despair – dogs with cancer, cats with feline tumour – such animals will find it harder to return to its original habitat with its natural survival instincts, and the centers have to pay special attention to these animals.

  4. I actually saw this place, not all of it, but enough to know this was not a good place. I cannot believe the charges were dismissed!! I saved a dog from here and she ended up having very serious problems that could have been taken care of right from the beginning with some vigilance and vet visits she would have been fine. But now she will have certain medical issues for life. She is not nearly as bad as some of the animals I saw there though. Susan should not be able to have animals ever again!!

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