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Santa Buddies Giveaway


The holiday season is nearly upon us and while getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast, we’ve decided to host a quick giveaway that will end on the biggest shopping day of the year.

So give this a quick read and grab yourself a chance at a Plush Prize Pack that includes a DVD and these 5 adorable little stuffed animals in our Santa Buddies Giveaway.

This isn’t really contest, it’s a giveaway to reward 3 lucky, loyal, pet-loving readers just in time for the holidays. We’re not choosing the winners randomly from the comments, so be sure to read the blurb at the end.

If you’d like get your hands on a free copy of the DVD plus the 5 plush Buddies, which would make a pretty nice gift for someone on your list if you don’t keep it for yourself, all you have to do is leave us a comment. We’ll choose three lucky winners on Friday the 27th.

SANTA BUDDIES: The Legend of Santa Paws

Available November 24, 2009

Disney’s irresistible talking pups are back in SANTA BUDDIES: THE LEGEND OF SANTA PAWS, a heartwarming, all-new holiday adventure coming to Blu-ray combo pack and DVD on November 24, 2009 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

The beloved pups take a fantastic journey to the North Pole in an exciting new escapade featuring more new friends, fun, and teamwork than ever before unleashing a stocking full of holiday cheer with a fun-filled film and plenty of never-before-seen bonus material. Perfectly timed for holiday gift giving, SANTA BUDDIES: THE LEGEND OF SANTA PAWS is sure to be at the top of everyone’s wish list!

the trailer . . .

Giveaway Details

For a chance to win this plush prize pack directly from Disney just leave a comment to let us know why you want it. Or tell us who you’re planning to give it to. Or tell us how much you love this blog. Or tell us how much you love Disney. Tell us anything you think we ought to know! We’ll choose (not randomly select) 3 winners on Friday the 27th.

the fine print . . .
We will alert the winners via the email address left in the comment. Email addresses provided with comment submissions never appear live on this site and are never sold or shared with any third-party. If you win, you’ll be asked to provide your full name and shipping address and that information will be shared with a 3rd party to fulfill delivery of the prize awarded. Should you not respond to the notification email within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.


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Devoted pet owner and now, devoted pet editor, Judi worked in traditional offices, keeping the books and the day-to-day operations organized. Taking her dog to work every day for over a decade never seemed odd. Neither did having an office cat. She knows what it's like to train a new puppy and she's experienced the heartache of losing beloved companions. Retired, she currently lives with her spoiled dog and four chickens (who are, interestingly enough, also spoiled).


  1. I only found this blog today but have been looking around and KNOW I will be back often. Already in my bookmarks, marked high priority.
    I grew up with Disney films, am an avid Tigger and friends collector, and am known on forum sites as DogsMom. I am anxiously awaiting the movie, and if I can not win it will have to get on the waiting list at the library.
    The dogs who share my life have not been pups for many many years, but are my best friends. I think they would enjoy watching the movie with me. Altho I get them Christmas presents, they have not figured out how to buy me a movie for Christmas.
    I would display the Santa Buddies plush in the livingroom for at least several months a year.
    I appreciate the opportunity to win a great prize, but more thn that I enjoy the blog and look forward to reading more, visiting often.
    And yes, my dogs were pre-owned, but now permanently homed.

  2. Nichole Brandt on

    I plan on giving this to my 7 year old son, Cj as a xmas gift. He absolutely looooovvveeeeesssss all the “Buddies” movies! except Santa Buddies! 🙁 We have to wait on that, hoping to get it for a xmas gift from a family member, like our others….This is my 1st time ever seeing something like this, where you can own the plush buddies. I told my son about this giveaway, and he wanted to enter himself!! but he’s not that great with his typing skills yet! In Cj’s words, Mom, OMGGG, if you buy this for me, You will be the best mom everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and i wont want anything else for xmas!!!! Get outta my way, let me talk to these people, and see how I can get one!!!!!!!!!! hahahha! He would even be happy just with B-Dawg!!!!

  3. I just discovered this site by accident and my attention went immediately to the cute little stuff dogs. Their names are adorable! Disney always knows how to tell a story and I am sure this will touch the hearts of many.

    I would love to give this to my step daughter, Lianna and my 2 year old step grandson, Gordie for a holiday gift. We have shared the loss of my husband and her father 5 years ago. Before that, her dog, Buddy also died. It would be such a surprise because presently, I am unemployed and my gifts this year will be small. Even though my life is a bit shakey, my spirits are uplifted and I continue to stay positive in these uncertain times.

    I ask you to consider giving me Mudbud, Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball and Buddha so that I may give them a new home!

  4. After watching this trailer, I want to see this movie!! It looks so “Christmasy” and heartwarming–just what we’ve come to expect from Disney! And the dogs are all adorable!!

    If I were lucky enough to win this I know exactly what I would do with the prize pack. This Christmas our family is gaining three more children–two boys and a girl who are the children of the wonderful woman my brother is marrying. We already have two nieces, so this year we will have a total of 5 young children to celebrate Christmas with!! I would love to gift each of them with one of the plush puppies and then gather them around the television with their new stuffed friends to watch this movie–what fun that would be!!

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  5. Today, i happened to found this is excited for my girlfriend and me to see a good end of the movies.
    The most important ,puppy paws has finally realized the true meaning of Christmas.To help other happy is a great thing than earning much money.

  6. I found this site after seeing the Santa Buddies plush animals on another site. (Interesting site, by the way. Lots of useful information. I will visit again.) If we were to win the Santa Buddies Gift Set I am sure the cheers of delight and happiness coming from our house on Christmas morning will be heard all the way to Fernfield! My son absolutely loves Golden Retrievers and the Air Bud movies are his favorite. He has seen all of the Buddy movies to date (countless times) and is anxiously awaiting the release of Santa Buddies. He loves puppies and stuffed animals and I can visualize him sleeping with them on Christmas night, tucking them in and snuggling them as if they were real puppies. (To him they will be real!) Like so many other families, ours has experienced layoffs and many months of unemployment. While we will do our best to make sure our children have the best possible Christmas, winning the Buddies and having my son find them under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning would guarantee many smiles and happy moments for days, months, and years to come! Thank you for your consideration, and happy holidays to you and yours!

  7. wendy schloesser on

    My 9 year old son Tyler LOVES the Buddies.He has all their movies and is looking forward to seeing the new movie soon .Santa always brings him a buddie movie for christmas This has become a tradition, along with guessing what the next movie will be about.( we were right last year! 😉
    Tyler has had a really rough year ,we have recently moved from ca to chicago and left all our family and friends behind; we know no one here.He is being seen at childrens memorial hospital by a great Dr. for extreme widespread musculor skelatal pain and fatigue.He is being homeschooled right now because of his inability to attend a full day due to his pain. However we have 2 wonderful dogs and 2 great cats that help Tyler to cope with this .Teeny is our lab/mix and is Tylers shadow . They study bugs and “save” frogs together buiding frog hotels to protect them from the weather!lol : ) Ella is our little schnoodle and she looks just like the little dog in the preview!Ella is very much a lap dog and seems to know when TY Ty is feeling his worse.She curls right up next to him when he is doing his physical therepy and seems to encourage him to keep going.Animals are great that way aren’t they?
    I know times are rough for everyone right now and with our portion of the dr. bills and only 1 income there is No Way I can justify spending 40 something dollars on a christmas gift …BUT i can enter a contest and hope to win for my son.If Tyler is chosen to win and Santa leaves this great gift for him I would be forever grateful and more than happy to take a pic christmas morning and send it to you!

  8. ashleigh ashley on

    I came across your blog while searching for Santa Buddies DVD. My husband and I own two adorable Golden Retrievers, Liberty and Maverick. He is currently deployed at the moment. My kids have been watching the trailer from this movie over and over. We, as a family love to watch all the “Buddies” and I know this one will be as wonderful. If we are chosen, we will watch this movie a few times and then be sending the movie and the plush to my husband overseas, hopefully it will brighten his Christmas this year and remind him that his own two “Santa Buddies” are waiting for him at home! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway

  9. What a great giveway! I would love to be considered for this. My daughter, grandchildren and 3 granddogs are currently staying with us while my son in law is deployed. I would love to give them this set, I know that it wouldnt come close to having their husband/daddy home for Christmas, but I know that it would make their Christmas just a little more special.

  10. Shelley Hunter on

    I am an animal lover, feed stray cats all over Queens, NY and help them find homes. I am trying to install my love for animals in my two grandsons and have given them all the Buddy DVD’s. I would love to be able to give them the DVD’s and the five stuffed animals to nurture their love for animals and to get them to appreciate that we have to take care of and provide for them. Thank you. Shelley Hunter

  11. shannon connolly on

    I am mom to 3 kiddies who are all animal lovers, but my animal fanatic is my 7 year old daughter, Caroline. She is developmentally delayed and has some special needs. She is so full of unconditional love for every animal she meets. She just has to hug and love on every animal she sees from dogs, to cats to gerbils. My family has 3 border collie/lab pups named Claire, Blue & Buddy. Yes Buddie is named after the Buddies’ films. We adpoted the 2 brothers and sister from a neighbor. We almost adopted all 5 and would have had our own crew of buddies, but 3 was our limit. Anyway, Caroline is in love with the buddies’ films and still watches them all. Funny story, she saw the previews for Santa Buddies on one of the other DVDs and for weeks and weeks all we heard about was how she wanted Santa Buddies for her birthday in August. Not knowing that it hadn’t been released yet, I took her to Blockbuster on her birthday to get it and of course no one knew what we were talking about. They finally looked it up for us and told us we would have to wait until Thanksgiving. Well, Caroline was pretty devasted that they didn’t have it and didn’t really understand the whole thing as she has difficulty processing dates and times. Luckily, Christmas is around the corner and we have written Santa and asked for the Santa Buddies DVD. Everytime she sees the commercial she claps and gets excited. I was just planning on getting the DVD for her, and then I saw the Santa Buddies Gift Set. I just know that she would be over the moon to receive the precious pups too! When I came across your blog I just got so excited to read about your giveaway. Money is really tight this year and to win this for my sweet Caroline would be such a blessing. Her little sister Charlotte and brother Ethan would enjoy playing with them too. Thanks for your great blog and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Shannon Connolly

  12. My 3 year old son has been waiting for this movie to come out for several months…we have the entire collection of buddies dvd plus all the plush animals that go with them (He takes all 6 of them to bed every night. This dvd and plush set is number one on his list for Santa…we would love nothing more to complete his set. Last christmas my husband/his daddy spent the holidays in Iraq, it was a very hard time for us. Now that he has made it home safe we are trying to make every wish come true. We also have two yellow labs named Marley and Bentley that look alot like the pups. We are huge Disney lovers…we have just about every movie out there and take our yearly trip to Disneyland every October. Thanks for taking the time to hear our story. Merry Christmas!

  13. My 4-year-old daughter LOVES the Buddies! She plays pretend “Buddies” all of the time. We have owned a golden retriever since she was born and goldens are a big part of her life and imagination. They are like magic friends to her. Her room is decorated with golden retrievers and she would love nothing more than this adorable set of puppy friends!!!

    Thank you!

  14. My 7 year old absolutely loves the Buddies. We have all of the movies except this one. She wants this really bad!! We rescued a golden mix and she is the best dog ever. That’s why we love the Buddy movies.

  15. I would love to win this for my family. We all have loved this franchise since the first installment of Air bud. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. I can’t believe it!! What an amazing gift! We just returned from Disneyland yesterday where we saw this very pack! My girls fell in love with it- we have a golden and know how much trouble they can get in to. They of course wanted it but it was way beyond our price range. I immediatly came home to see if I could find it cheaper to surprise them, this giveaway would be amazing!! Thank you for giving people an opportunity to give such a wonderful gift to their kids during these tough times.

  17. I am 5 years old and have all buddies movies even santa buddies and love them all. I would love to have the stuffed buddies and I would give the movie as a gift to an needy child from an angel treee. Thank you and God Bless.

  18. Hi I would very much love to win the Santa Buddies gift pack for my Mum who is having a big operation next month, so she can watch the dvd while recovering and cuddle the soft dogs, as due to her declining health she has not been able to have her own dog for a few years now. She is a big softie and has loved all the other Buddies movies, so this would make her day and hopefully cheer her up during her difficult time.
    Thank You

  19. Im 12 years old and my names
    kelsey I Want the buddies plushies because im the biggest buddies fan ALIVE Im Official Obbsessed And I Would BE SOOO HAPPY If I WIn Thanzk for reading ~Kelsey

  20. We’ve sent emails notifications to the winners and really wish we could have picked each and every one of you to win! We wish you all the very happiest of holidays and thank you all for sharing your stories and your comments.

  21. Oh where to begin on how much my family loves the Buddies. I would love to give the gift set to my daughter. We have everyone of their movies, and just rented santa buddies because its not in out budget right now to purchase it at this time. Because of the movie airbud, we now have a golden retriever who is 3, her name is apple and she is amazing!
    Thank you,

  22. Hi,
    While browsing the net , we stumbled across your blog. Okay, my daughter is 4 and she has no idea why I’m typing now. She just wants the puppies in the picture. She says “get it,bring em home, hug em” She has Budda and Rosebud (space buddies). Does not go anywhere without them. She would absolutly, love and adore them. If you want a good, loving home for the buddies send them to Amber, she will love them for many years to come.
    Oh and by the way this is a cool idea, letting kids post. Thumbs up to Disney Buddies Movies!
    Good Luck to All

  23. I am in big trouble, my two girls love love love the buddies, and when we went to the disney store I told them they had to wait to get the buddy stuffed animals from santa. i went back to get them and they are gone. They told santa all about them and now they think they are gonna be under the tree. My 7 year old said santa can make anything so i know i will get them….i really need to find these stuffed animals or i am going to ruin their christmas

  24. My four year old daughter just loves the air buddies, especially Rosebud. We have not been able to find any plush buddies, so her grandmother bought her a little stuffed dog kinda resembling Rosebud. She has had her for almost two years, and after restuffing and fixing the tongue and an eye she is still going strong. We have to take her everywhere and she has multiple outfits as well. I just know my daughter would LOVE this gift set. She would love to have a real dog, but that is out of the question right now, but when she gets a real dog she is either going to name it Rosebud or Mud Bud. The air bud movies have been part of our family for about six years now and we just saw the Santa Buddies and all three of my kids loved it!

  25. After stuffing ourselves with turkey on Thanksgiving day our family cuddled up by the fire and watched the amazing movie, Santa Buddies. My 9 year old daughter loves the buddies and owns all the other movies. This movie was so special to her because Christmas is her favorite holiday. Our family English Bulldog passed away earlier this year and she’s been asking for another dog. There is no way possible that we can handle another dog at this time. It would make her the happiest girl to have the plush of the buddies. Please make her Christmas wish come true, with plush buddies! Thank you,

  26. I love all the Buddies I saw all the movies and I want them. If you want to sended to me I am 10 years old. I live in Santa Cruz Bolivia In South America I live in Av. Iberica # 330 my telephone is [xxx] and if you want to call me is [xxx]. Please I love them alot I love them more than my life if you give it to me I will cry alot because I love them alot so please give it to me!

  27. i love the buddies .i was going to ask it of Santa but my Mam sent it, i ask my Mam to get it for me but she said Ireland is in a recession.SO that is why i would like to get this giveaway

  28. My two kids Tyler (7 years) and Allison (4 years) are in love with the buddies to say the least. They have seen all four of the movies and watch them over and over and over again. Of course Allison’s favorite is Rosebud and Tyler’s changes every day, but they love them. The kids HAD Rosebud and Budda stuffed animals from Disney Movie Rewards and to explain, we have a golden retriever named Marley (8 years) whom the kids play with all the time. Well, Marley thinks their toys are his and ate and ripped apart both Rosebud and Budda beyond all repair. To say the least my kids were devestated!!! They would be completely overjoyed to have the whole family of buddies and they would be sure to keep them away from Marley this time – they have learned their lesson!! Thanks.

  29. My best wishes to all who enter. I have a beautiful Great Pyrenesse, the real santa paws. He is a rescue dog and my best friend. Sam is 7yrs. old and small at 142lbs. He is my second Pyr. He is just as awesome as Santa Paws and totally great with the grandkids and others. There is nothing better in this world than cuddling up with the real thing and watching the movie. thank you so much for this site and good luck to all.

  30. I found this site by accident. I have been looking everywhere for the santa buddies my 5 year old gandson had one but when his dad came home from military leave we got so excited that we left the little santa buddy at the airport and unfortunately no one turned it in. He has been asking me ever since I really want to send it to him for christmas. BTW love the web site!

  31. Debbie Elliott on

    Please help me be the coolest grandma ever! My granddaughter’s would be the happiest girls in the world if I could present them with this set of buddies.
    Thank you! Nana

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