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Spring Break with your Pup: Southern California


Spring break is the perfect time to relax and re-energize, and Southern California is among the best places in the country to spend your week destressing and preparing for the final lap of the year.

Spring break isn’t only for humans, though. If you think you are tired, imagine how tired your dog must be after being there for you the whole time.

Even pups need breaks sometimes – here are a couple suggestions to put a spring back in both your and your dog’s step.

First, Make Sure You Know When Your Break Starts

Most Spring Breaks in California go from around late March to early April – but a few universities have it much earlier, even as early as February! Be sure that your spring break lines up with these activities and suggestions and plan ahead of time to make the most of the week!

Take Her Out For A Treat

If you are headed to the LA area, there are dozens upon dozens of fun activities, weekend events and even stores tailored towards dogs to take your pup to for a day out treating yourselves. What better way to spend a day of spring break than dedicating a day to indulging your dog’s love of treats?

Fifi and Romeo is one such store. Branding itself a “luxury pet couture” store Fifi and Romeo are dedicated to high-end accessories for your pup. You can find everything from beds to bowls to clothes here, but be aware of the price tag for some of their items.

If your dog isn’t the type to be pampered with fancy accessories, Blue Collar Working Dog might be a more apt option. This store is dedicated to active and working dogs and dogs that like to be played with. They stock everything from rubber balls to K9-style gear to specialized training apparatuses. The best part is, you can take your dog with you and interact with and try out a variety of items in the store.

These are just two suggestions, but Los Angeles is home to many more stores that either allow dogs or sell directly to them – take a day to explore with your dog!

Get Some Sand Between Their Paws

Going to the beach on spring break is as much of a tradition as apple pie on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, there are a couple of beaches that allow dogs to join you on a day by the sea.

Fiesta Island Dog Park is one such place. Fiesta Island is a large park, about 100 acres in size, in Mission Bay in San Diego that has one of the largest off-the-leash areas of beach in the state – nearly the entire beach is available for off-leash play and there are plenty of trails if you get tired of the dunes.

Ocean Beach is another dog-oriented beach in San Diego. This park only allows one dog per person and they must be up-to-date and registered so you can be safe in knowing your dog is able to freely and safely roam around the park.

Get Him A Massage

A year of running around can take its toll on any animal. Dogs are no exception. Many people get massages or spa treatments over the week of Spring Break, but there is one place where your dog can get their own massage.

Dancing Dog Massage offers canine massages at a variety of prices from $40 to $95, depending on the size and length of the massage. Dancing Dog uses aromatherapy, stretching, deep tissue, and Swedish massage techniques, among others, to relax and calm your pup.

It might seem a little out there, but there is evidence to suggest that giving dogs massages can help with everything from simply their behavior and their comfort to relieving some symptoms of arthritis.

Especially in older dogs, a massage can do wonders for their energy and their temperament, not just in the short term.

Take Her on Your Road Trip

If you are planning on traveling out-of-state or far away for the break, don’t discount the idea of bringing your dog with you! You may need to plan for additional stops or to bring some additional food, but nowadays it is easier than ever to find hotels and campsites that allow dogs.

They want to explore the world just as badly as you do, if you can bring your dogs with you, you’ll develop a stronger bond with them as well as see the sights you want to see.

If They Need To Stay, Let Them Stay in Style

If you can’t take your dog with you on your road trip, consider letting them stay at a daycare that goes above and beyond.

The Resort for Dogs in Los Angeles has about 3000 sq ft worth of playground, a specialty spa, and grooming area, and large private “rooms” coming in at about 4′ by 6′ in size. While you are away on vacation, they’ll be very well taken care of and have a great experience all their own.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!