Author Jeremy Alderman

Jeremy is a online journalist who focuses on travel, pet-care, and lifestyle related trends. He is passionate about everything sports, as well as board games, his family, and the great outdoors. He can often be found splurging in episodes of Game of Thrones with his new mini Aussie puppy, Cooper.

Dogs a man sitting with his basenji dog on the beach

Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach

It’s a gorgeous day outside and nothing sounds better than enjoying a lazy day next to the crashing waves and your best friend – your dog! While it sounds like all fun…

Dogs dog looking out a car window during a winter road trip

Winter Travel Tips with Your Pup

For many Americans, the winter season is a great time for vacation. Cold weather, combined with a multitude of holiday breaks, provide people with a great excuse to get out of town.…

Dogs aerial photo downtown phoenix arizona skyline behind dog

Guide to a Dog-Friendly Weekend in Phoenix

It’s estimated that 44% of households have at least one dog. This means that Phoenix, a city with around 1.5 million residents, could possibly have over 600,000 dogs. That’s a lot of…