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Giving Your Pets Pills

For many pet owners when it comes time to give your animals medication, whether it be a monthly worming tablet or other pill recommended by a vet, just the thought of knowing the troubles to come can be enough to start you worrying.

For some lucky dog an cat owners though there is no problem at all, they can simply hold the tablet out and their pet will happily


An Introduction To The Saltwater Aquarium

The saltwater aquarium is not recommended for the beginner aquarist. It is however uncommon for beginner aquarists to even wish to start out with a saltwater aquarium instead of a freshwater aquarium. Setting up a basic saltwater aquarium is much more expensive than setting up a basic freshwater aquarium, and this means that it is typically the dedicated aquarist with years of freshwater experience that decides to spend the necessary


When Is A Trick Not A Trick?

Teaching any trick to a dog is relatively easy if you break the trick down into the separate steps or components that the dog must know, then methodically go about making sure that the dog knows each component. For example, in the “play dead” trick; the sequence of behavior that the dog must know for this common trick is in this order: the “sit”, the “down”, the “roll-over” and the


Pet Photographer Shares Tips

How to Photograph Your Pet Like a Professional (from Vincent Strangio) . . . Being that I photograph pets (and only pets – no humans) for a living I am always being…


How To Get Your Pet To Strike The Pose

If you have ever tried to take a picture of your dog, you will realize how hard it is to capture the pups full personality and beauty in a photograph. Dogs aren’t human, and they don’t understand what we are doing when we try to take their photo.