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Beginners Guide to Tropical Fish

by Sarah Baxter

Keeping tropical fish has been popular since the time of the Roman empire – so it’s no wonder that Aquarium Technology is as advanced as it is today. However, no matter how many pumps, filters and cleaning gadgets you buy; keeping tropical fish healthy requires a little bit of care and attention. Here’s our guide to setting up and maintaining a happy fish tank.

Changing aquarium water

It might sound strange, but adding clean water to an aquarium too regularly can actually be harmful to your fish. Your scaly companions require a certain level of nutrients to be present in their environment: changing water too frequently will remove these nutrients, and can also introduce toxic substances such as chlorine into the tank.

Nearly Half of Americans Won’t Flee Without Fido

I received a press release from the American Humane Association which I nearly filed in the “No Sh*t, Sherlock” file here, but then thought I’d post it here since it does include some good information about what you might need to pack up for your pets should you ever be forced to evacuate your house in the threat of bad weather or fires.

So without further ado, here’s the

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