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When Arthritis Strikes Your Pooch

by Christina Lyttle

Were you of the notion that the painstaking ailment of arthritis occurs to human beings only? Have you been neglecting the persistent pain in the limb that your pet dog is suffering from, thinking it’s a mere pull? Beware, the ache might not be so insignificant after all and you need to check your pooch for any incidents of arthritis before it gets too late to act. Contrary to common belief, arthritis occurs in adult dogs almost as commonly as it does human beings and therefore, it is essential to know the ways to care for your doggie which is crucial in order to see him pouncing and frolicking again. Here are some things you need to keep in mind if the vet diagnoses your dog as suffering from arthritis:

Regular Exercising
Painful as it may appear, it is still imperative that your dog undergoes its regular regime of exercises, although he might not be able to do it the same way he would do in normal circumstances. Exercising with arthritis causes a lot a pain as the disease affects the joints and your dog might be reluctant at first to even get up from his place. However, you need to gently compel him to go for shorter walks at least two times a day in order to space out the period and thereby causing as less stress as possible to the limbs.