The Best Pets for People With Fur Allergies


The internet is full of adorable photos of people snuggling up to their cats and dogs. And as heart-melting and “aww” inspiring as these pictures are, they can leave out those with allergies.

You don’t have to live a life bereft of animal goodness because pet dander gives you the sniffles. All you need is to find the right animal for your lifestyle. To help kickstart your search, these are the best pets for people with fur allergies.


Between their ability to fly, their intelligence, and their brightly plumed visages, birds have captured humans’ imagination for eons. And their relatively small size makes them a good choice for the pet owner with limited space or those without yards.

But even though birds don’t have fur, those with allergies should know that some varieties—cockatoos and African grey parrots, for instance—do produce dander. If you have allergies, opt for a low-dander species, like:

  • Parakeet or budgie
  • Macaw
  • Eclectus parrot
  • Pionus parrot
  • Toucan


Reptiles are also a good pet choice for those with fur allergies who don’t have a lot of yard space. They are completely allergy-free because they don’t have dander, they can live as long as 25-50 years, depending on the species, and are typically content with a nice warm terrarium.

Their enclosures can also add to your home’s aesthetic, especially with a paint job. ECOS Paints pet-friendly paints and some excellent tips for painting your reptile enclosure if you’re nervous about painting.


Fish often get a reputation for being “boring” pets because they can’t leave their enclosure. But that’s not true. For example, some fish—bettas, goldfish, and Oscars—can interact with their owners and even learn tricks. Not to mention, watching fish swim tranquilly through their tanks can calm the mind on a stressful day.

While fresh water tanks are easier and can be colorful and quite fun, there’s also something about all of the fabulous corals of a saltwater tank that may be worth the extra work involved to have it be the focal point of your home.

Pet Owner Pro Tip: Keeping Things Clean

Even the most hypoallergenic pets can still cause problems because of dirty or unkempt enclosures. Keeping your pets’ cages and terrariums clean and vacuuming the area around them will help keep allergies at a minimum.

So, don’t let allergies stop you from allowing an animal into your life. Whether you have a sky-blue budgie or a sea-blue beta, pet ownership is just as available to you, too. And they’re still adorable in pictures.


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