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New Global Education Program Brings Compassion into the Classroom

Cats and dogs are two of the world’s most universal species, living side by side with people in hundreds of millions of homes and communities in every human society on this planet.

Yet, on every continent and in every culture, dogs and cats continue to be subject to cruel and inhumane treatment. And a growing body of research has shown that violence against animals is connected to violence against people.

To help address the root causes of animal cruelty, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is launching a new global educational program, Cats, Dogs and Us, which introduces students ages 5-14 around the world to the many different ways that people live with cats and dogs and helps develop knowledge, skills, and empathy and respect.

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Angel’s Gate Founder Charged

Back in May 2011 we wrote about allegations against Angel’s Gate. We followed the story as best we could but not much could be found. A few days ago we saw an article about a dog that was fitted for a cart to ‘replace’ his dysfunctional hind legs. Decided it was time to look again to see if the ball was rolling to end the travesty at Angel’s Gate. Much to our delight the Delaware County, New York, District Attorney did what should have been done months ago.

Susan Marino who founded Angel’s Gate in 1993 has now been charged with 17 additional charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge. The evidence gathered as a result of PETA’s undercover investigation was more than enough for the Delaware County, New York, District Attorney’s Office to file charges.

Animal Rights
Animal Hoarding

“Being kept by a hoarder is a slow kind of death for an animal.” D. Randall Lockwood, ASPCA Senior Vice President

Animal hoarding is a devastating plight not only for the animal but also the hoarder. Gary Patronek, director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University, defines hoarding as the “pathological human behavior that involves a compulsive need to obtain and control animals, coupled with a failure to recognize their suffering”.

Animal Rights
“Stand Up. Stand Out.”

“I’ve always had a great love for animals, and will never forget my first experience when I went to adopt one. It wasn’t easy to choose, and wished to give them all freedom from their cages. I wondered how many other people felt so helpless? I wondered how much more could be done for pets if there was more funding? How many more could be saved? How much more education could be given about caring for pets? These were the questions that helped start Jusani Culture. I want to make a great impact for pet centers in America. Give them the funding they need to significantly reduce euthanasia and bring so much more awareness and education about adopting. With the funding raised from every Jusani purchase and the realization the brand is creating I hope to help America become a no-kill nation one day. Let’s give them all freedom from their cages and happy homes! ” -M. Salinas founder of Jus Animalium Culture Apparel

Not often do we find a company that is so into helping America’s pet shelters, so when we do find one we want to share. JACA is indeed making a great impact to save pets that would otherwise be euthanized. Each month they donate 10 percent of all sales to various animal shelters across the country. Jusani Culture is raising funds for Missaukee Humane Society through March 31st. Check out the pet shelters they have helped so far!

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Exotic Animals Run Wild

We recently received an e-mail from about 56 exotic animals that ran wild in Ohio after their owner let them escape from his property before taking his own life.…

Animal Rights

Unsaid, a novel written by Neil Abramson, beautifully examines the relationships between humans and animals, between heaven and earth, between husband and wife . . . whether you accept the depth of the relationships he writes about, the story is a journey worth taking. Dramatic and intriguing, the message speaks of dealing with grief, letting go of the old, becoming involved and building a new life.

Helena, a veterinarian, had spent her life tending to animals and as such, she’d euthanized more animals than she cares to think about. When she dies from cancer, her spirit is stuck, afraid to move on. Afraid to face the souls of those animals and afraid that her life had been wasted and meaningless.

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Recent Allegations Against Angel’s Gate

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is seeking an investigation into the activities or lack thereof at Angel’s Gate located in Delaware County, Delhi NY. An investigator for PETA who posed as a volunteered at the shelter found that the rehabilitation center failed to properly treat animals in deteriorating health, intentionally denied the creatures water and shelter and left carcasses of dead pets out among living for days.

In the 26-page complaint given to the district attorney’s office, PETA said its undercover agent, who was at Angel’s Gate for 21 days at the end of November and beginning of December, witnessed the following:

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