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Vote for the ASPCA

If you could make a heartwarming difference this holiday season with just one vote, would you? Of course our choice will be ASPCA for the prevention of cruelty to animals!…

Animal Rights
The 10 Commandments From a Pet’s Point of View
  • My life is likely to last 10-15 years, any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you buy me.
  • Give me time to understand what you want from me, don’t be impatient, short-tempered, or irritable.
  • Place your trust in me and I will always trust you back. Respect is earned not given as an inalienable right.
  • Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment, I am not capable of understanding why? I only know I have been rejected, you have your work entertainment and friends I only have you.
Animal Rights
Heartbreak Of Puppy Mills

We recently received an email from the Humane Society of the United States about The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act that will appear on the November ballot in Missouri. I decided to research puppy mills to see if it warranted a blog. Much to my chagrin there was a lot of information showing the extent of the problem.

There are seven states that are known as puppy mill states because they have the majority of the puppy mills in the country. They are: Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Tragically, approximately 40 percent of all pet store puppies nationwide come from Missouri, where nearly 200,000 breeding dogs produce up to a million puppies a year.

Animal Rights
Uncovering the Truth about Animal Hoarding

Earlier this year, ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Agents arrived at a New York City apartment to find that dozens of cats and kittens had overtaken the small space. The cats were severely malnourished, and many suffered from upper respiratory disease. There were no litter boxes, and the floor was covered in several inches of feces and urine. Living among the filth and debris was an 85-year-old woman suffering from dementia—she had been hoarding animals for years.

Animal hoarding is a complex and intricate social issue with far-reaching effects that encompass mental health, animal welfare and public safety concerns. Victims can include cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents, birds, exotics and even farm animals. While it’s not clear why people become animal hoarders, current research suggests the cause is often attachment disorder in conjunction with personality disorders, paranoia, dementia, depression and other mental illness. The hoarder does not intend to inflict harm on animals, and in most cases, the hoarder can no longer take care of himself, much less multiple animals.

Animal Rights
Is Commercial Whaling On Its Way Back?

We hope not. And we hope you’ll ask President Obama to consider your opinion.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the International Whaling Commission meeting that’s due to start on the 21st of June (Monday). Whales are facing the worst crisis since before the commercial whaling ban went into effect more than 25 years ago.

We’ve gotten several notes from the HSUS and other animal welfare groups so we though we’d publish our favorite one today. The following letter, via the HSUS, is the publicly offered personal message from Pierce Brosnan, who’s been working to protect whales for years. While you might know him best as the newest Bond, James Bond . . . we’ve all loved him since the Remington Steele days. So it was easy to pick our favorite “Save The Whales” appeal to share.

Animal Rights
Malea McGuinness – Musician & Animal Rights Advocate

Here at PETSblogs we love music nearly as much as we love animals. If you’ve ever seen the Sarah McLachlan video for the ASPCA and been moved to tears (or having to turn the channel because you just can’t take seeing any more of the instances of animal cruelty it shows) you know what we mean. It’s a good thing when celebrities can use their fame and fortune to help promote animal rights and place the issue in the spotlight.

We recently discovered Malea McGuinness, a pop/rock singer-songwriter who’s been an extremely active animal rights advocate and we wanted to introduce other pet-lovers to her music and her mission!

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April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

“Humane education gives Animal Humane Society the ability to prevent animal cruelty before it starts,” states Tammy Noack, Humane Education Manager for AHS. “Our focus is to help students develop compassion, empathy, and respect for animals. We can change attitudes regarding what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to how animals should be treated.”