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Animal Rights dog with his paw to his ear listening to ahs (animal humane society)
April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

“Humane education gives Animal Humane Society the ability to prevent animal cruelty before it starts,” states Tammy Noack, Humane Education Manager for AHS. “Our focus is to help students develop compassion, empathy, and respect for animals. We can change attitudes regarding what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to how animals should be treated.”

Animal Rights
Desperate Dogs on Rescue Ink Unleashed – Tonight at 10

When you have pets, you need to take care of them by giving them love, attention, medical care and of course making sure that they are fed. Unfortunately, some people can’t seem to understand how important this responsibility really is. In tonight’s episode, the Rescue Ink team takes on some pretty “Desperate Dogs” and their owners to make sure the pets are well taken care of.

Animal Rights
Toppy – The World’s First Cloned Sniffer Dogs

Six genetically identical puppies began work for South Korea’s customs agency, sniffing out drugs. They all share the same name, TOPPY (tomorrow & puppy combined) because they were all cloned from the same superb sniffer dog named Chase (a Labrador Retriever in Canada).

The dogs went through an 16-month training program and are now hard at work sniffing out drugs at Seoul’s Incheon International airport and at border

Animal Rights
Dog Bless You

In the United States alone, as many as ten million animals enter shelters each year and millions must be euthanized due to lack of space., a brand new concept that combines philantrhopy, travel, and learning embarks on fact-finding missions to identify potential grant recipients and document the great works of non-profit organizations through films and photography.

In this video, Explore speaks with Jo-Anne Dixon, the Executive Director and

Animal Rights
Business Owners Plead Guilty to Distributing Tainted Ingredient Used in Pet Food


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Matt J. Whitworth, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a Nevada company and its owners pleaded guilty in federal court today to distributing a tainted ingredient used to make pet food, which resulted in a nationwide recall of pet food and the death and serious illness of countless pets

Animal Rights
Help Save the “TOTE BAG” Pitbull Puppies!

Help SSP Save the Tote Bag Puppies…

These 4 babies were left in a TOTE BAG outside of Heard County Animal Control. They were dehydrated, starving and scared. Unfortunately, one of their siblings died from the stress of the terrible ordeal. Who could do such a thing to loving puppies?

Unfortunately the reality is that pitbulls, even if they are tiny innocent babies, get the short end

Animal Rights
The Other Side of the Pet Store Window

Every time I see a shopping mall pet store, I wish I could stand in front of it and show the passersby an elderly Chihuahua named Sophia. Sophia is the reason no one should ever buy an animal from a pet store. Like most dogs for sale in stores, she came from a puppy mill…

When I first met Sophia, I didn’t think she would ever get over

Animal Rights
The “u” in Humane is You

Five Things You Can Do to Help Companion Animals in Distress

Chances are that when you look around your home, you see one or more four-legged creatures gazing patiently back at you: dogs and cats. Recent pet industry statistics show that over 63% of American homes keep pets, and that over 40% of pet-owners think of their pets as highly-valued members of the family. People of all ages, colors