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Most Popular Pet Names of 2014

BREA, Calif., Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — For the third straight year, “Bella” reigns as the most common name among both dogs and cats in 2014. “Bailey” was a close…

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Could a Robot Pet Ever be as Good as the Real Thing?

Whether you’re a pet owner, or just pet-curious, you might be wondering whether robot pets can ever be as good as the real thing. Every year, a new ‘fake fluffy’ seems to appear on the market, and whilst they might be ideal for small children, can they really provide happiness to an adult owner?

The advantages of robo-pets
Let’s start by looking at the pros of owning a robotic pet. Firstly, they don’t need feeding (unless you’re looking at an old-school Tamagotchi) or exercising, and there’s no mess to clean up if they have a little accident. This could save you a small fortune in time and money, but then it all depends on how much your robo-pet sets you back in the first place.

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New FDA Regulations for Natural & Organic Pet Food and Treats

Perhaps prompted by all of the pet food recall announcements over the years, more and more companies and individuals have flooded the market with all natural and organic choices. For pet owners, these alternative foods and treats from companies and entrepreneurs have been a welcome addition from the mass produced products that seem unable to comply with standard FDA rules and regulations.

According to the Pet Food Institute, in 2003 U.S. consumers spent more than $13 billion on cat and dog food, a figure that has increased to over $18 billion in 2011. It’s obvious that people who love pets are willing to spend money on quality food for their furry companions and pet owners who are becoming frustrated with the commercial pet food industry’s less-than-favorable facility conditions producing recalled cans of food are turning their attention, and their purse strings, elsewhere. New, all natural and organic products are popping up quicker than flowers in warm spring weather.

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