Helping Your Pet Get Settled in a New City


Have you and your pet recently relocated to a new city? Naturally, your pet will need some time to get used to everything. With these resources, you’ll have no trouble meeting your pet’s needs and make sure they’re adjusting to their new life!

Managing Anxiety

Your pet might feel a little jittery and nervous after you arrive in your new city. Here’s how to help soothe their anxiety.

  • If your pet seems distressed or anxious, follow these tips from The Bark to calm them down.
  • Do you want your dog to start socializing? This guide will help you introduce them to other dogs safely.
  • Stock up on items for your pet, like a new bed or fun toys, to keep them comfortable and occupied.

Finding Care and Support

Do you need to hire a dog walker? How about finding a doggy daycare? These resources will guide you towards the caregivers your dog needs!

  • You’ll want to look for a reputable vet for your pet as soon as you get the opportunity. 
  • If your pet’s coat is looking a little dull, it’s time to find a groomer!
  • Remember, if you have questions pertaining to your pet’s health or behavior, you can always contact their breeder for advice. 
  • Do you need help with your pet during the workweek? Enroll your pet in doggy daycare!

Having Pet-Friendly Fun

Where can you go to explore and have fun with your pet? Here are a few great ideas! 

  • Want to give your dog the chance to get some exercise? Find dog parks and beaches!
  • If you want to find treats or high-quality food for your pet, browse a local pet shop or look for these pet retailers.
  • Of course, your pet can have loads of fun in your own yard! Just make sure you get a fence installed to keep your companion safe. You can find trusted fence installers on a website like

At first, your pet might not seem too keen on your new city. However, as time goes by, they’ll start to adapt. By referencing these resources, you’ll be able to make that adjustment process as smooth as possible!

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