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Why Does My Dog Love Me?

by Marc Goldberg

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.Josh Billings (1818-1885, US Humorist)

This morning I was driving along a busy street, in a fog, sipping strong tea when I saw the geese. I have come to think of geese as very large rats with wings. The outlying Chicagoland area is so infested with these birds that you

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How Do I Get Newts In My Pond?

by Derek Rogers

Newts are a type of amphibian that look a lot like salamanders. However, unlike salamanders, newts spend most or all of their life in the water. They are descended from salamanders, but branched off around sixty million years ago. Now, they’re found in many temperate parts of the world, including Asia, Northern Africa, Europe, and North America.

Some types have a terrestrial form (referred to

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Chinchilla Care: 7 Important Tips

So you’ve found a chinchilla for sale that you want to buy but want to make sure that you can care for your chinchilla as good as possible? Good, that’s just the right attitude. Here are 7 important tips for chinchilla care that every owner needs to know…

1 · Chinchillas Are Skittish

Though chinchillas can grow accustomed to human interaction especially if they were handled properly as

I Love Alpacas


When have you ever kissed and cuddled your most recent investment? I bet the answer is never! Well, I love alpacas, and almost 2000 Americans are doing just that right now. Raising alpacas is becoming very popular these days, and it is also very profitable! The value of a breeding female alpaca is around $20,000 and if you sell her offspring, you can expect

Furry Friends I Meet At Work

People everywhere are animal lovers. Whether they have a favorite pet or they just love all animals, if they love them then they probably also love to see pictures of them. When someone sees their pet on the internet they get a renewed feeling of pride about their pet. They want to show their friends and family that someone else thought enough about their pets to take the time to

The Virtual Pets Craze

by Hal Storm

Historically, your choice of pets pretty much came down to dogs, cats, hamsters or something similar. In the digital age, virtual pets are all the rage.

Kids love pets. There are many situations where a pet could be a wonderful addition to your family. Unfortunately, there are many situations where adding a pet to your family would not be a good idea at all. The

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Hamster Care And Why Hamsters Make Great Pets

by P Anderson

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the world, and are definitely the most popular pet from the rodent family. Hamsters make great pets for people of all ages because of their cleanliness and cuteness, and hamsters are also relatively inexpensive and easy to take care of. A hamster usually makes an ideal pet for children and helps teach responsibility. The average lifespan of

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Top 10 Guinea Pig Care Mistakes

Or How To Extend Your Piggie’s Lifespan

Guinea pigs, originating from Peru and Bolivia, are wonderful pets – cute, social, yet inexpensive and relatively easy to take care of. However, most beginner guinea pig owners don’t know much about the animals. In fact, guinea pigs, like other small rodents, are rather delicate and an illness contracted for instance by a cold draft can be fatal for them within a

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