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Can Animals and Animal Behaviors Predict the Weather

Do you think animals can predict the weather? In the USA, a groundhog is still used to predict the weather for up to six weeks in advance. If you see the groundhog’s shadow at noon on the 2nd of February, (Groundhog’s Day) then the weather will be cold and wintry for another six weeks.

Have you ever heard the saying that dogs act nervous and cats get frisky as

Why The World Needs Pets

by Bill Clanton

They won’t hold a grudge. They won’t leave you for someone else. They know how to show their affection. They even know your feelings better than you do. Who are “they”? Well “they” go by many names, but most of the world just calls them “Pets”. Pets are wondrous creatures whose powers go beyond that of spiritual or magical. Perhaps that power is what the world

Health & Safety
How to Take Care of Your Hermit Crab

Have you ever seen a Hermit Crab?
They’re those little snail things in the shell, right? Wrong.
Hermit crabs are little crustaceans that live in deserted sea snail shells on the coast.
Boring, right? Wrong again.
They are really, I mean REALLYb fun to play with and easy to take care of. I am going to teach you how to keep a happy, healthy, Hermit Crab.

First you

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Introducting The Chinchilla

What has large button eyes, the body of a rabbit, large ears of a mouse and tail of a squirrel? While the descriptions help one to visualize a chinchilla, these do not give credit to the world’s most adorable creature.

The Chinchilla is a member of the rodent family originating from the Andes Region of South America. Chinchillas are the most exotic rodents in the world because of their

More Pets & Animals
Need a Low-Maintenance Pet? Try a Tarantula!

If you’re like me, then you don’t really have the luxury of keeping a high-maintenance pet such as a dog. Even a less demanding pet such as a cat might be beyond your time constraints. Fish tanks can be difficult too, since it’s easy to under-estimate the time and effort involved in keeping them clean. So what options do you have?

Well, you could try a snake or one

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Reptiles: The Bird Alternative

As the need increases for low-maintenance companions, more and more people are turning to reptiles as the pets of choice. Due to the fact that the apartment-style life is not always accommodating for the dog or cat, pet owners are more likely to resort to aquarium friends or reptile buddies. The gecko, iguanas, bearded dragons, boas, pythons – the list goes on and on.

However, while reptiles are often

Avoiding Common Household Poisons, Part One – Cleaning Products

by Sandra Yvonne Duke
Keep an eye on your clean products for your pets sake.

Cleaning products, foods, plants, and other common household chemicals can be poisonous to your dog.

Cleaning products.
All cleaning products should be kept out of reach of pets, but some can be accessed in ways you might not think about. Few people know it, but dish soap is poisonous to people and pets

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Choosing Your Water Dragon

by Leon Sanford
water dragonThe water dragon is a beautiful arboreal (tree-dwelling) lizard that is native to eastern Thailand, Vietnam, parts of China and in eastern and south-eastern parts of Australia. Favored in the pet trade, due to their beautiful coloration, shorter lengths, and docile natures, water dragons can make a wonderful addition to any family, provided they are given proper care. As with

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Feeding Your Sugar Glider

by Sam Barron

sugar gliderSugar gliders have captivating little faces, friendly dispositions, and can live up to 15 years in captivity.

Sugar gliders are quickly becoming one of the most popular pocket pets in the United States. Adorable little marsupials that hail from places like Australia and Indonesia, sugar gliders have captivating little faces, friendly dispositions, and can live up

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A Home for an Iguana

by Jeff Crosby

Iguanas are not overly active creatures, but they do need room to move freely. One of the most popular pet lizards available in pet stores today, iguanas are inexpensive to purchase, often misleading people to believe that they are cheap, easy to maintain and, sadly, practically disposable. Many pet stores will sell iguanas for as low as $10-20.00 yet fail to tell potential buyers that iguanas

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