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Avoiding Common Household Poisons, Part One – Cleaning Products

by Sandra Yvonne Duke
Keep an eye on your clean products for your pets sake.

Cleaning products, foods, plants, and other common household chemicals can be poisonous to your dog.

Cleaning products.
All cleaning products should be kept out of reach of pets, but some can be accessed in ways you might not think about. Few people know it, but dish soap is poisonous to people and pets

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Choosing Your Water Dragon

by Leon Sanford
water dragonThe water dragon is a beautiful arboreal (tree-dwelling) lizard that is native to eastern Thailand, Vietnam, parts of China and in eastern and south-eastern parts of Australia. Favored in the pet trade, due to their beautiful coloration, shorter lengths, and docile natures, water dragons can make a wonderful addition to any family, provided they are given proper care. As with

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Feeding Your Sugar Glider

by Sam Barron

sugar gliderSugar gliders have captivating little faces, friendly dispositions, and can live up to 15 years in captivity.

Sugar gliders are quickly becoming one of the most popular pocket pets in the United States. Adorable little marsupials that hail from places like Australia and Indonesia, sugar gliders have captivating little faces, friendly dispositions, and can live up

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A Home for an Iguana

by Jeff Crosby

Iguanas are not overly active creatures, but they do need room to move freely. One of the most popular pet lizards available in pet stores today, iguanas are inexpensive to purchase, often misleading people to believe that they are cheap, easy to maintain and, sadly, practically disposable. Many pet stores will sell iguanas for as low as $10-20.00 yet fail to tell potential buyers that iguanas

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Deoderizing Your Ferret

Time and time again, ferret owners find themselves put on the spot or questioned about their odoriferous pets. Ferrets are captivating little pets with their cute faces and comical antics. Said to be smarter than a dog and retaining an almost kitten-like playfulness even through adulthood, they are popular, save for one problem; they tend to stink.

Is there any way of combating this problem or are ferret owners doomed to always have the stinkiest pets? Sadly, every year there are many ferrets abandoned due to their smelly issues. But there is hope. In fact, by taking a few simple steps, ferret odor can be practically eliminated, leaving pet owners free to enjoy their little furry friends.

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The Origin of Pet Fancy Rats

Once feared as child-killers and plague vectors, rats have developed a terrible reputation through the years. Running wild in the 19th century, rats created the necessity for rat catchers, paid professionals who were employed to capture and kill rats. It is here, in the tale of the rat-catcher, that the Brothers Grimm found inspiration for their sad and grizzly story The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Oddly enough, however, this may

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So You Want To Own A Ferret?

You’ve seen them in movies and on TV shows, and the local pet store usually has some for sale. They seem to be intelligent and cuddly. But what do you really know about owning a ferret?

Ferrets live an average of 6-8 years, although some can be as old as 10. They tend to sleep a lot (about 18 hours a day!), but when they are awake they are

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Getting A Rabbit?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets, apart from dogs and cats. They look attractive, lovely, gentle, friendly and cute. They are easy to take care and undemanding in terms of care and housing. They will settle well either indoor or outdoor, at home.

There are 40 species of rabbits and hares worldwide. All domesticated rabbits are originated from European rabbits. The scientific name for domestic rabbit is

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So Your Kids Want A Pet, But You Don’t Want To “pet” anything. Get a Hermit Crab

“Mom, can we get a puppy?”
Who hasn’t heard that line before? The kids think it’s time for an addition to the family, but you know you don?t have time for a family pet.

We’ve got the perfect solution to make everyone happy! Hermit Crabs!!

Now before you start to panic because you just heard the word crab, just listen! They’re not that bad. Trust me, I?ve had

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Dwarf Hamster Or A Syrian Hamster?

As pets go, hamsters are fairly easy to take care of. Hamsters require no walking, and are not particularly dirty or stinky, they are small and don’t take up much space and are generally inexpensive. Hamsters are also fairly hearty animals and can be a very good pet for a child or a family with several children. There are however, two distinct choices when it comes to adopting a hamster

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