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Cats little dog wearing a bandana sitting on the veterinarian office table
A Visit to the Vet

If you have a pet then you understand the dreaded visit to the vet. It is one of those duties that must be preformed but isn’t overly loved. Well you’re…

General Launches Effort To Save the Lives of Rabbits, Horses, Pigs . . .

Non-profit online pet-search service already helping dogs and cats expands focus to include other species in need…

LOS ANGELES – APRIL 2, 2009 –, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, today announced the expansion of its pet adoption database to include rabbits, horses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, farm-type animals and other small pets. This is in addition to the already extensive database of cats and dogs

More Pets & Animals
My Paw-Talk Featured Post

I was asked to write a guest post over at Want to know what I wrote about?

If you haven’t ventured to that PETS website before, it’s worth a visit. Here’s what it’s all about:

Paw-Talk began in mid 2001. The goal was to fill a much needed niche – a forum devoted to all animals rather than just one or two species. It started

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