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People Making A Difference

Safety for our pets is a desire for all pet lovers. Living amongst us are individuals that carry the passion for safety beyond the normal efforts. We feel they deserve…

Dog Bed Benefits

While many dog owners assume that their dogs should sleep with them, on the floor or on a sofa, most veterinarians, certified trainers and behavior specialists recommend use of a high quality dog bed.

When puppies are first being house trained, a separate bed, ideally waterproof, mold proof and antibacterial should be used. Home furnishings could be damaged and risk of disease to family members is high. Most human furniture is too high for puppies and joint, muscle and ligament stress/injury could occur if young dogs are forced to jump onto and off of high places. It is stressful and sometimes difficult for dogs to adjust in later life to new sleeping arrangements. A puppy will get accustomed to sleeping with the owner in their bed, then when they get to full size, the owner often wants to change sleeping arrangements. If you know that in several years you would not want your dog in your same bed, it is best not to start.

Terra Paws All-Natural Pet Treats

We’re always on the lookout for natural food and treats to feed our dogs so when we received an offer to test a new, all-natural, freeze dried pet treat from Terra Paws, we were more than willing to accept. We were quite excited because the company was just launched on June 6th, 2011 and we love finding healthy products for our furry friends. Want to try it out for your furry friend – grab the discount code at the end of this post!

When You Lose A Beloved Pet

by Sybil Sage

There’s no song that captures what you’re experiencing when you lose your pet, no Sinatra to croon, “One less coat to untangle, one less water bowl to fill.” You’re not sure if others have felt the same grief and you don’t know how you’ll come to grips with the pain.

Minutes after our dog died, with her lifeless body lying on an examining table, the vet asked, “What would you like to do with the remains?” Neither my husband, our son nor I knew how to answer. We shook our heads and waved off the options of keeping or scattering her ashes, returning home with an intense emptiness.

Pet Pic iPhone App

Smart phones are so much fun. One of the nicest things about having an iPhone is that you can snap pics and share them on the web immediately. And they…

Get A Free Custom Dog Bone Plaque

We got a really nice offer from Todd Stupell at Stupell Industries. He’s wanting to send one of our readers a personalized, hand-crafted dog bone plaque . . . for FREE! So we’re on the lookout. If you’d like to win a plague like this one, read on to learn how you can enter the drawing.