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When You Lose A Beloved Pet

by Sybil Sage

There’s no song that captures what you’re experiencing when you lose your pet, no Sinatra to croon, “One less coat to untangle, one less water bowl to fill.” You’re not sure if others have felt the same grief and you don’t know how you’ll come to grips with the pain.

Minutes after our dog died, with her lifeless body lying on an examining table, the vet asked, “What would you like to do with the remains?” Neither my husband, our son nor I knew how to answer. We shook our heads and waved off the options of keeping or scattering her ashes, returning home with an intense emptiness.

Pet Pic iPhone App

Smart phones are so much fun. One of the nicest things about having an iPhone is that you can snap pics and share them on the web immediately. And they…

Get A Free Custom Dog Bone Plaque

We got a really nice offer from Todd Stupell at Stupell Industries. He’s wanting to send one of our readers a personalized, hand-crafted dog bone plaque . . . for FREE! So we’re on the lookout. If you’d like to win a plague like this one, read on to learn how you can enter the drawing.

Dog DNA, Barking Mad or Useful

s humans we long to find out where we have evolved from and why we behave in a certain way. Tracing our ancestors can be a fascinating and inspiring activity. However is it essential to do the same for our pets? Some would say this is a ridiculous idea but for others it may actually be a worthwhile procedure.

Black & Decker FLEX vs Pet Hair

Black & Decker FLEX vs Pet Hair And More is probably what we should have called this article, but that just sounded too darned awkward. We were given the chance to give this little hand-held vacuum a test to see if it really did a good job of sucking up pet hair but we ended up sucking up way more than pet hair.

Support Animal Shelters . . . by Shopping Online

You can help homeless pets by shopping on a brand new, non-profit animal charity site called The new online community for pet lovers is a great place to share pet news, stories, and advice with friends. And, best of all, visitor participation helps raise money for animal shelters nationwide that are struggling to care for unwanted pets.

You can shop ’til you drop in support of animal

Dogs cairn terrier picture with hartz crunch n' clean logo
Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Dog Treats

Dogs suffer from tooth decay and gum disease, just like we do. We all know that tartar buildup can lead to gum disease for our canine companion (and for us). That’s why we use tartar control toothpaste, right.

Well, a really nice guy over at Hartz sent over a box of their new Crunch n’ Clean dog treats and asked us to give a them a try.

Flea Zapper

I own a flea comb and use it pretty regularly on my dogs. And I generally keep a bowl of soapy water next to me as I use it because it really works – and if I end up with a flea or two on the comb, I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to quickly brush them off into the bowl of soapy water.

So when