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Knowing and Understanding Your Bullmastiff

Considered to be one of the most powerful canine breeds, the Bullmastiff was the result of cross breeding English Mastiffs with Old English Bulldogs, and was originally bred to thwart the efforts of various poachers and immobilize them. However, today they are viewed as viable family pets. Additionally, the misconception is that Bullmastiffs are Britain’s oldest breed of canine when in reality it is the Mastiff that is older. For all practical purposes, the Bullmastiff is a relatively recent breed of dog.


Golden Retrievers

by David Bear

Originally bred to hunt in 1800s England, the golden retriever has retained much of its natural curiosity and hunting behaviors. The breed has maintained its standing in the top ten most popular dog breeds in the US partly because of the dog’s gentle nature, fierce loyalty and friendly personality. They’re the quintessential family pet due to their patience with children.

The female golden weighs approximately

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Hamster Care And Why Hamsters Make Great Pets

by P Anderson

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the world, and are definitely the most popular pet from the rodent family. Hamsters make great pets for people of all ages because of their cleanliness and cuteness, and hamsters are also relatively inexpensive and easy to take care of. A hamster usually makes an ideal pet for children and helps teach responsibility. The average lifespan of


Fancy Guppies Make Colorful Pets For Your Aquarium

by Lee Dobbins

As with many animal species, the male Fancy Guppies are more beautiful than the female Fancy Guppies. Males come in a large variety of bright colors, like red, gold, black, blue and green- while females tend to only have gray or tan colors. These fish look most beautiful in aquariums when you have several of them to swim together.

Fancy Guppies like warmer aquarium waters

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Need a Low-Maintenance Pet? Try a Tarantula!

If you’re like me, then you don’t really have the luxury of keeping a high-maintenance pet such as a dog. Even a less demanding pet such as a cat might be beyond your time constraints. Fish tanks can be difficult too, since it’s easy to under-estimate the time and effort involved in keeping them clean. So what options do you have?

Well, you could try a snake or one


Is a Cairn Terrier the Right Dog For You?

Bred over 200 years ago for the purpose of routing vermin from beneath large rock piles (called cairns), the Cairn Terrier is a tenacious little dog, with a loyal heart and mischievous personality. Originally bred for his working ability, rather than his looks, this hardy little dog sports a coarse all-weather coat, a compact and low-set body and the fierce belief that, no matter how outmatched he is, he is


How To Pick the Right Dog For You

by Leon Sanford & Jeff Adams

Choosing the right dog is important to you and your family. Picking the right dog for your family doesn’t have to be a difficult task, as long as you keep a few things in mind:

1.Think Space
Do you live in a tiny apartment, or a huge house with a fenced in yard? Smaller spaces tend to be better for smaller dogs