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Ultimate Exercise Buddy

We all long for health, fitness, and vitality and many of us made New Year resolutions to work on that. We buy fancy new exercise shoes and high dollar attire to wear while walking on “top of the line” treadmills. We eat foods that we have trouble pronouncing and can’t quite afford because the health food magazines recommend it. Somehow it all falls by the wayside and we feel we will never attain our goal. Yet the one thing that won’t cost us a penny we don’t often consider to best motivate us – our dogs.

Our loyal, lovable, even-tempered furry best friends not only are motivated to exercise, but see exercise as a reward. Imagine that. The new shoes that quickly get dirty, and the health diet that inevitably gets broken, doesn’t compare to your dog holding its leash in its mouth reminding you that twenty minutes outside will make both of you feel better.


Top 10 Mistakes Made by Cat Owners

by Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC

Nobody’s perfect and all of us could do better. I have put together below my opinion on the most common mistakes made by cat owners. Take just a few minutes now to avoid a lot of time and grief later.

Mistake 1: Impulse adoption instead of careful selection
Because of their big hearts, many people take in strays, or other cats that no one wants. Sometimes these turn out to be the best cat imaginable. In other cases, there is a reason other humans choose to not share a space with this cat.
Every person is allowed to carefully CHOOSE a cat at some point in their life. I am now consulting on the new pet selection service,, so use this or another resource to help you find your feline soul mate.


Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Winter

By Dr. Will Novak

In mid-November, the Portland metro area saw snow which typically doesn’t happen before Thanksgiving. But forecasters have been telling us since summer to prepare for a long, hard winter. If the early snowfall is any indication, then we could see an extended period of freezing temperatures this winter.

Dogs, just as humans, can suffer from hypothermia. Their coats give them a layer of protection humans don’t have but if it’s cold enough and the dog spends enough time outdoors, freezing temperatures can have drastic effects.

It may be a common habit to open the back door for your dog so he can use the “bathroom” and then go back to what it was you were doing. Maybe in the summer you can let your dog roam around the backyard for a while but in the winter this isn’t a good idea. Take time to keep watch on your dog and then let her back in as soon as she is finished. Humans can generally handle mildly cold weather for long periods; however pets can handle the extremes better when they adjust to it slowly.


Exercise is Just a Walk in the Park

Exercise is vital to live a long and healthy life and when it comes to your cuddly canine it is no different. Exercising your dog is a fantastic way for you to spend quality time together and reinforce the bond between you. As a responsible owner, it’s up to you to control your dog’s weight and help him maintain a healthy lifestyle while in return, also helping you to do the same. Remember, a lack of exercise can result in your dog developing a list of ailments such as poor muscle and bone growth, breathing difficulties and obesity. Keeping your pet in dog kennels all day can cause them considerable distress and boredom.


Fitting a Dog Into Your Budget

Is owning a dog putting a bite on your budget? Rather than giving your family friend away, look into some ways that you can save money while still keeping your dog. We did that very thing recently in our household and here is a list of tips that I would like to share with you;