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Cats little dog wearing a bandana sitting on the veterinarian office table

A Visit to the Vet

If you have a pet then you understand the dreaded visit to the vet. It is one of those duties that must be preformed but isn’t overly loved. Well you’re not alone,…


Charlotte Pet Expo – May 8

Mark your calendars for the Charlotte Pet Expo!
May 8, 2010, from 10am to 6pm

On May 8th, the 2010 Charlotte Pet Expo will be held at Cabarrus Arena and Events Center at 4751 NC Highway 49 in Concord, NC. Admission, and parking, is free to the public!

The Charlotte Pet Expo is the pet lover’s premier event! Bringing all the foremost trainers, groomers, rescues, shelters, vets, clinics, pet stores, retailers, hobbyist groups, and societies together. Their goal is to assemble all key areas of the pet companion world to educate, demonstrate, and perform for the Charlotte pet lover community and beyond.

Horses eric bravo gentle, natural horsemanship

Getting Your Horse’s Attention

by Eric Bravo An important aspect of horsemanship training is getting and keeping the attention of your horse. A horse will focus on the leader of the herd for guidance. So-if your…


Why Does My Dog Love Me?

by Marc Goldberg

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.Josh Billings (1818-1885, US Humorist)

This morning I was driving along a busy street, in a fog, sipping strong tea when I saw the geese. I have come to think of geese as very large rats with wings. The outlying Chicagoland area is so infested with these birds that you


“DOG TALK: Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs” by Harrison Forbes

FRANKLIN, TN, November 27, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/

Renowned pet expert Harrison Forbes, host of the popular nationally syndicated radio show, Pet Talk with Harrison Forbes, has been a dog trainer and behaviorist for over twenty years. A highly sought-after expert on canine behavior, he has worked with many dogs that presented special challenges—dogs with behavioral issues, those damaged by traumatic experiences, and those that were poorly trained in

Dogs cute dog looking up and paying attention to a person off camera

Essential Dog Training Tips

Honestly, it’s easier said than done for many of us, but there really are some essential training tips every dog owner should know. If your dog isn’t willing to happily come when…


Barking Up the Wrong Tree

by Barbara Freedman-De Vito

If dog is man’s best friend, then why does our language have so many expressions that portray dogs in a negative light? English abounds with sayings that focus on canine aggression or the sadness of “a dog’s life,” at the mercy of cruel human “masters.” Many of these date from past centuries when life in English-speaking nations was truly more harsh than it is today