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quote from A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life

Cats 20 things about catnip infographic header
Kitty Crack Infographic

The folks over at CatsPHd shared an infographic all about kitty crack, a.k.a. catmint, cat’s plant, cat cocaine, or . . . catnip! I’m pretty familiar with catnip and even…

Cats halloween silhouette scene with a black cat
8 Great Cat Costumes

When you think of cute pets and Halloween, you might think of dogs in costumes first, right?! Me, too. It seems that most of the world’s pet apparel is geared…

Cats cat on a woman's lap
Raising Pets to Play Nice

Growing up, I remember a time when our family cat would hiss at anybody with a baseball cap and bat at people who smelled of cigarette smoke or new perfume.…

Cats summer swimming pool safety with your pets
Pets & Pool Safety

Who doesn’t love swimming in the summer?! If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, or go to a pool that you can take your pets to, please consider the…

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