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All about dogs and the people who love ’em. Most of the contributors here have dogs and we’re happy to share our experiences – good and bad – in hopes of helping other dog owners have the best possible relationship they can have with their canine companions.

Animal Rights
The “u” in Humane is You

Five Things You Can Do to Help Companion Animals in Distress

Chances are that when you look around your home, you see one or more four-legged creatures gazing patiently back at you: dogs and cats. Recent pet industry statistics show that over 63% of American homes keep pets, and that over 40% of pet-owners think of their pets as highly-valued members of the family. People of all ages, colors

When Is A Trick Not A Trick?

Teaching any trick to a dog is relatively easy if you break the trick down into the separate steps or components that the dog must know, then methodically go about making sure that the dog knows each component. For example, in the “play dead” trick; the sequence of behavior that the dog must know for this common trick is in this order: the “sit”, the “down”, the “roll-over” and the

Avoiding Thanksgiving Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

by David Brooks

Thanksgiving is this week, and the rest of the holiday season is fast approaching. It’s a busy time for all of us, but it is very important to make sure that your pet is kept safe from any danger.

At this time every year it is important to remind pet owners of the most common holiday hazards for pets. These include feeding problems, foreign-body ingestion

Everything You Need To Know About Pugs

Pugs are one of the best breeds of dogs that exist on the planet. Why? Because I own one! Seriously now though, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about pugs and hopefully give you some reasons for buying one.

The First Great Reason For Owning A Pug

If you were wondering which breed of dog has the best personality, then yep, you guessed

The Rottweiler, Guardian and Protector

RottweilerThe Rottweiler is a breed whose history is somewhat shrouded. One theory has it that the ancestors of the breed were the dogs which were brought to Europe as War Dogs by the legions of Rome and some were left behind as the Legionnaires marched onwards. In any case, in the city of Rottweiler, a flourishing commercial and agricultural marketplace in southern Germany, for

Maltese Magic

cute maltese dog When our son announced that he was moving back home to further his education, and that he was bringing P.J., his Maltese with him, my husband and I were somewhat apprehensive to say the least. First of all, we had never even seen a Maltese, and weren’t entirely sure that we even wanted to. Secondly, we thoroughly enjoyed our life as

Pets Help Heal

Therapy dogs are dogs that are canine good citizens and are well trained and of a nature that is suitable for interaction with humans who are unwell. Studies have shown that interaction with pets and the special bonding it brings, helps the sick heal faster and trauma patients are known to come out of silence, grieving, or shock by interacting with pets.

An innovative program set up by Therapy

Dogs brown boxer dog looking at boxing man
The Boxer Doesn’t Really “Box”

The Boxer is a modern breed, developed around 1890. The boxer is actually descended from a combination of the bulldog and the German “Bullbeisen”, a hunter of wild boar and bears. It appears that the first actual Boxer probably sprang from “Tom”, an all white bulldog mated to a Bullbeisen female. This may explain the prevalence of all white boxers which are often produced in litters today. Most boxers of

Meet the Beauceron

by Evan Richer

The Beauceron is a large dog that weighs between 75-110 lbs. Their height ranges between 24″ to 27 ½”. Loyal, protective and territorial, the Beauceron makes an excellent watchdog that will ward off any intruders or those that they perceive as a threat to their family and home.

Although the Beauceron is not currently recognized by the AKC, an application for recognition has been filed

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