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Animal Rights
0 What is Animal Deathing?

Found this to be a pretty interesting article. It’s a bit different, but that’s what opinions are supposed to be…

What happens when we die? In our society, death is often hidden away. Rarely are we present for the passing of a loved one, a major exception being our animal family members.

Echo, my horse of 22 years, took her time dying, even with the help of euthanasia

Animal Rights
0 Mind Over Matter: How to Understand a Horse

Understanding where horses come from has been a long road for most equestrians. Using that new understanding can dramatically change how one handles, cares for, and trains or rides their horse.

“We treat horses the way others tell us to, as well as the way we were treated as children,” says Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate, of Douglas Massachusetts. ?That usually borders on abuse, even for experienced equestrians. My dad

Animal Rights
0 A Look At Animal Ethics

by Jon Dunkerley


A long time ago, before evolution turned the primate into a businessman carrying a briefcase, the topic of ethical considerations concerning animals was as talked about as an episode of Barney at a dog trainer’s convention. Why is this? I believe that this is because nobody bothered to decide to give the issue any thought. And how could they? Back in the day of

Animal Rights
0 No Need For BSL – Breed Specific Legislation

In short, breed specific legislation is a quick fix for a growing problem, only thing is it does not fix the problem. Many cities, countries, states and provinces have now jumped on the band wagon to implement BSL. Most recently Ontario and there ban against “Pit Bull’s”. What people do not realize is that it will not stop here, the bites will not stop, the government will not stop banning

Animal Rights
0 Dog Stew, Anyone?

A good friend of mine wrote this article. I think it is a great topic to open up discussion on the issue of Animal Ethics …

Food is a substance that holds cultures together. Common foods unify and define countries and regions. However, a food that one group considers a delicacy, another group may find offensive. The French have long been called “frogs” because of their taste for amphibians.