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All about dogs and the people who love ’em. Most of the contributors here have dogs and we’re happy to share our experiences – good and bad – in hopes of helping other dog owners have the best possible relationship they can have with their canine companions.

Canine Katrina Victim Heads Home

Hurricane Katrina Great Dane Puppy

After a long and arduous dogfight of a custody battle, a canine victim of Hurricane Katrina is on his way back home to Louisiana. A New Jersey judge ruled, Thursday, that “Pluto” is the property of his original owner, Annabelle Arguello, and not the property of the couple, from Flemington, who later adopted the Great Dane after he had been left

Cool Pet: Beating That Dog Day Heat

When we, as humans, exercise and sweat, it is highly recommended that we not only drink plenty of water, but that we also drink mixtures that are high in electrolytes, such as Gatorade. Additionally, electrolyte-rich drinks are often used to help hydrate sick infants and children, particularly those who are at risk of dehydration, due to nausea and/or fevers. Often overlooked, however, are our canine companions. New veterinarian-recommended doggie “health-drinks”

Golden Retriever to be Adopted Out West

Jessy, the 18 month-old Golden Retriever who accidentally strangled her 6 year old owner on Long Island, last week, will be adopted out from a California shelter.

The Golden Retriever had been sent to the Brookhaven animal shelter on Long Island after her 6 year old owner, Kaitlyn Hassard, was found unconscious in the family’s back yard, Thursday afternoon. Attempts were made to revive Kaitlyn but, sadly, failed. Despite

The Latest Itch on Allergies

It used to be the allergic reaction to flea bites, or flea-allergy dermatitis, that used to give pet owners reason for concern. However, with the creation of more effective flea-control products, the incidents of flea-related allergic reactions have decline dramatically.

Taking place as the number one reason for most pets itching and scratching, this year, is a mixture of inhalant (environmental) and food allergies. Environmental allergies, usually caused by

Dozens Dead Following Dog Food Toxins

Issuing a recall in December, the maker of Diamond Dog Food noticed that it was receiving contaminated corn a month before it got into the food, a company official stated. While employees had been warned to test closely for the naturally-occurring aflatoxin, it is assumed that a pocket had been missed in one of the shipments, claims Mark Brinkmann, Diamond Pet Foods’ chief operating officer.
The mistake resulted in the

Dog’s Tale Gets Tails Wagging

“If there’s any advice I have, it’s ‘Don’t do what I did’,” said John Grogan, columnist for the Inquirer and author of Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog (HarperCollins). “I don’t hold myself in any way to be an expert.”

Surprisingly, people seem to be heeding his advice and yet, somehow, the experience is drawing them closer together. People are coming to Grogan with

AKC/Eukanuba Championships: World’s Top Dog

Tampa, Florida has been filled with smiling faces and wagging tails this weekend, as exhibitors of more than 150 different breeds of dog gathered together for the 2006 AKC/Eukanuba Championships. January 14-15 were the dates when the planet’s greatest dog show would crown the world’s top dog.

Held in the Tampa Convention Center and St. Pete Times Forum, three championship events occurred during this weekend; the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Teaching Your Christmas Puppy

Over the holidays, many Christmas wishes came true, which may have resulted in the addition of a new furry family member. However, that which usually starts out with the best…

Ear Cropping Controversy in Vermont

Senator Ann Cummings has introduced S250, a Vermont bill to prohibit the cropping of dog’s ears. Violators would face a civil penalty of up to $3,000 for a first offense and, those who commit subsequent violations or who perform the procedure without anesthesia, would face criminal charges. The bill would not prohibit owning, showing, buying or selling a dog with cropped ears and licensed veterinarians would be permitted to perform

Pet Hotel a No-Go in Michigan

The township board in Michigan’s Genesee County voted to reject a proposed pet hotel next to a store under development by PetSmart Inc. Located in the Heritage Park shopping centre of Grand Blanc, Michigan, PetsHotel was designed to allowing “vacationing” pets the luxury of sleeping on luxury dog beds, lambskin blankets, playing on cat furniture and dining upon lactose-free ice cream, for the mere price of $31.00 per day

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