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Cats a dog and a child
Having a Pet Instead of a Child

Editor’s Note: Okay, this is a bit crazy, but a creative comparison, so we’re going to share Sandy’s article here… by Sandy Sterling Some people just have this urge inside…

Animal Rights Confessions of a Hoarder on Animal Planet
Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a devastating plight not only for the animal but also the hoarder. Gary Patronek, director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University, defines…

Books black mini pig grazing grass
Oink My Life With Mini-Pigs

Mini-pigs you ask! We read so much about dogs and cats as pets and their cute ways but have you ever considered a mini-pig as a pet? Our preconceived notions…

More Pets & Animals
Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

by Mario Ross

When it comes to choosing a pet, many people automatically think of getting a dog or cat. However, there are other four legged creatures that can make great pets. One of these is the bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons may not be the first choice for many folks. People have many misconceptions about reptiles, thinking that they are hard to care for, are dangerous or unsuitable in the home. The great thing about bearded dragons is that they make for interesting home companions and take about as much investment in caring for the pet as it would in caring for other types of animals.

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