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More Pets & Animals
Stop Bad Breeding – Adopt a Rat

by A. C. Thompson

Rats are clean, intelligent, affectionate animals which bond to their human companions in much the same way that dogs do, and with the right care should provide a comparable level of companionship. They are the same species as the wild brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, but have been selectively bred for looks and temperament for at least the last century and are now quite different in temperament from their ancestors. They are far less aggressive towards humans and rival rats, and display a number of behavioral differences from wild rats, which have been noted by researchers.

More Pets & Animals
Looking After The Health of Your Reptile

Just like humans, reptiles experience diseases and pick up illnesses. These diseases can be either hereditary or down to poor living conditions. For hereditary diseases there isn’t a lot we as owners can do, but for everything else we can play a huge part in the long term health and happiness of these beautiful and loving creatures. By just providing your reptile with a balanced diet and a hygienic vivarium, it will go a long way in improving its overall health and happiness. Vivariums that are unclean or diets missing valuable vitamins can also easily damage a reptile’s health.

By researching your reptile’s dietary needs and by providing your exotic pet with a nutritious, balanced diet and clean home, you’ll vastly extend their lifespan.

More Pets & Animals
Ball Python Care

by Ricky from Ricky’s Reptile Enclosures

There are few pets on the market today that elicit the same response as snakes. Just mention the word snake around the dinner table and at least one person will cringe! Over many years of TV shows and stories being passed down about snakes being notorious killers of man, it is hard to convince everyone that some snakes are actually more docile then the common hamster. The stigma surrounding snakes has become less daunting over the past 20 years, with the Ball Python becoming one of the most common pets owned throughout North America. When Ball Pythons were originally introduced to the public as pets they cost several thousand dollars, but today with breeders on the corner of every street the price of the common Ball Python has dropped to only around fifty dollars. With millions of Ball Pythons changing hands every year there has become a growing need for information. The internet has provided an avenue for sharing information with consumers, regardless of the information provided.

Television Pets; How Many Do You Remember?

Pets have been around for as long as I can remember (which is quite a while). They have also been on many, many television shows over the years. Some of them have carried the entire show. They entertain, amuse and amaze with their tricks and talent. Here are some I actually remembered and some I found looking around the internet. As I was thinking and looking so many memories of these beloved pets returned. Go ahead and read through them and see how many of them you remember. If you remember any that are not listed, please let us know.

Animal Rights
The 10 Commandments From a Pet’s Point of View
  • My life is likely to last 10-15 years, any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you buy me.
  • Give me time to understand what you want from me, don’t be impatient, short-tempered, or irritable.
  • Place your trust in me and I will always trust you back. Respect is earned not given as an inalienable right.
  • Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment, I am not capable of understanding why? I only know I have been rejected, you have your work entertainment and friends I only have you.
A Visit to the Vet

If you have a pet then you understand the dreaded visit to the vet. It is one of those duties that must be preformed but you don’t like it. Well you’re not along, neither does your pet.

Many people are not real fond of going to the doctors’ or dentists’ office. We however understand why we are there and the need to be there. Our pets on the other hand are completely clueless of the need for the visit.

More Pets & Animals
Fable of the Porcupine

I received an email from a dear friend with The “Fable of the Porcupine” and some adorable pictures of a baby porcupine. Not knowing very much about porcupines I searched the internet to learn more. I was very curious if they also could be a pet. Much to my amazement there was a vast array of information on porcupines.

Of course National Geographic has a wonderful informative description of the porcupine. We all know that they are a prickly rodent, but did you know the Latin name means “quill pig”? There are about two dozen species that all have a coat of needle-like quills. Considering there are only two species of beaver, twenty-four porcupine species surprised me.

The “Cat” And Dog Who Are The Best Of Friends

This is a heartwarming story that should teach us humans how to get along. I came across the story at as I was searching the web for interesting information to share.

It’s a role reversal not commonly seen, but then the cat chasing this dog is a little larger than most. Salati, a ten-month-old leopard, and her best friend, golden retriever Tommy, like nothing more than to run around together before settling down for a friendly cuddle. The odd couple were reared together at the Glen Afric Country Lodge near Pretoria, South Africa.

Removing Urine From Wool Rugs

Your beautiful expensive wool area rug once your pride and joy now is an embarrassment because of the urine smell that you cannot get out. Why is it so difficult to get urine out of wool rugs and how do you eliminate that terrible odor?

Here are your answers.

I have been a professional carpet cleaner in Anchorage Alaska for over 30 years. Through experience we know that these tips will work.

Why is it so difficult to get the smell out?

Wool is of course a natural fiber and is very different from other synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. If you were to look at a strand of wool under a microscope you would see why it holds onto the smell. The stalk of a strand of wool is covered with little pockets. These pockets get filled with soil and in the case of urine issues they get filled with urine crystals. It is very difficult to get the urine out of these pockets. Another problem is that what looks like a small amount of urine on the surface is actually a lot of urine because most of it is hidden in the pockets. Many people including less experienced carpet cleaners do not use enough cleaning solution because they are treating what they see.

Also it is pretty easy to turn a medium sized urine problem in a wool rug into a bigger urine problem if you spread the urine all over the carpet.

There are certain steps that need to be taken to remove the urine and the odor.

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