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All about dogs and the people who love ’em. Most of the contributors here have dogs and we’re happy to share our experiences – good and bad – in hopes of helping other dog owners have the best possible relationship they can have with their canine companions.

Safe Sex is One Trick Dogs Can’t Learn

I happened upon a story over at CNN about Sips for Snips, an event that was held to help raise funds for necessary equipment to fill a second operating room at Greenville’s Humane Society. In CNN’s words, the “racy promotional pet campaign pushes ‘safe sex’ to help eliminate animal overpopulation.”

The ads (and commercial) are pretty entertaining and it’s definitely an interesting twist the usual “spay and

Golden Retrievers

by David Bear

Originally bred to hunt in 1800s England, the golden retriever has retained much of its natural curiosity and hunting behaviors. The breed has maintained its standing in the top ten most popular dog breeds in the US partly because of the dog’s gentle nature, fierce loyalty and friendly personality. They’re the quintessential family pet due to their patience with children.

The female golden weighs approximately

What To Do If Your Dog Is Choking

by Dr. Mayra Alfonso

We all recognize that dogs occasionally suffer from the bad habit of taking everything they get hold to in their mouths, that includes electric cords, parts of broken toys, tennis balls, etc. Additional things that they are inclined to pick up all form of stones or rocks, small-scale toys to clothes, in essence anything they view as fun to play with.

For some reason

Twas the Night Before Christmas at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

by Nola Kelsey

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Best Friends,
Not a creature was stirring, except a few hens;
The stockings were hung way up high in the air,
In hopes that no goat kids would give them a tear;

The cats each were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of families danced in their heads;
And dogs in their lodge runs

Cats 3 dogs dressed as ghosts for halloween
Fun Ideas For Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween has traditionally been a night for parents taking their children trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Today, it seems more families are taking their pets along for the fun, too. I’ve…

New Mobile Website for Pet Lovers

There is a new mobile website that provides pet owners and those traveling with pets mobile access to thousands of pet-friendly destinations and activities together with extensive pet-oriented content and information.

go2 Pets provides information such as pet-friendly outdoor dining, dog beaches, parks, campgrounds, trails, hotels, off-leash dog parks, unique cat toys, airline travel policies, toll-free emergency numbers and much more. Sponsorship of the site is provided by Purina

Get Rid Of Fleas Without Harming Your Pet Or Your Family

People are becoming more conscious of the products they use every day. Chemicals, toxic products, and insecticides are falling from favor as individuals search for more friendly methods of resolving issues. Flea treatments are one of these areas. Powders and sprays expose the household residents (your family and your pets) to poisonous products that are harmful to health. Not only that, you’re also dipping your animal in a toxic bath

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