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My Dog Ate What?

My Dog Ate What? has returned to Nat Geo Wild.

My Dog Ate What? Rat Poison, a Zipper and Tennis Balls
Wednesday, November 10, 2010, at 9 PM ET/PT
Frannie-Lou the Westie ate a mango pit that stayed in her system for about 11 months before it was detected. Pointing lab Primo learns that some plants are better left rooted after he swallows a dieffenbachia plant, which is toxic to dogs. He faces a lifesaving tracheostomy. Later, Maddie the beagle swallows a large piece of carpet and speaker wire after suffering an allergic reaction to chicken and undergoes a complicated hospital visit. Mastiff Elvis swallows not one but three tennis balls, and the situation proves no ballgame, as the third ball requires a procedure that could be deadly. And, when beloved cockatoo Hoppee ingests 75 zipper teeth, his vet must find a creative way to remove them.

And Man Created Dog Premieres August 8 on NatGeo

Immense Great Danes and diminutive Chihuahuas. Curly-haired poodles and streamlined greyhounds. Dogs are in fact the most diverse mammals on the planet. For comparison, if humans were as varied as dogs, we would range in height up to 22 feet tall and could weight more than 1,000 pounds. It’s no accident that dogs evolved this way, as humans have been selectively breeding them to serve our needs as laborer, companion, hunter, herder and warrior, as well as to suit our aesthetic fancy.

You Lucky Dog


Natasha Henstridge and Harry Hamlin star in a Hallmark Channel original movie about a rescue dog from a small town shelter who, in time, rescues her forever family right back.

Premiers June 26th at 9/8c!

Animal Planet Investigates: Dogfighting Exposed

Animal Planet airs a special program tonight, at 10 p.m. EST/PST, exposing the grim underworld of U.S. dogfighting. Animal Planet Investigates, a compelling new series of quarterly specials, brings animal protection issues and investigative journalism together in a show spotlighting the complex, behind-the-scenes work of advocating for animals.

Contests dog, cat, two birds, and three fish
$5,000 To Be Awarded For Best Amateur TV Commercial

Get out your cell phones, video camera, film gear or DVD equipment and prepare to produce your first television commercial in a “dog-eat-dog” competition. A $5,000 first prize will be presented to the individual with the best/most popular TV ad promoting the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to be held in Long Beach, Calif. December 12 & 13. The top five finalists (four $1,000 runners up prizes also will be awarded) will be honored and their commercials shown during the two-day event, which is expected to draw more than 25,000 attendees.

Dog Whisperer Premieres Tonight at 9pm EST

It’s Puppy Time!
From a bundle of love to full-grown canine, Cesar shows how to raise the perfect dog.

(WASHINGTON, D.C. — SEPTEMBER 16, 2009) In five seasons and more than 100 episodes, Cesar has seen every canine case imaginable — red-zone aggression, fearful anxiety and just plain weird. But never before has he shown viewers how they can avoid these problems from the very start!

Catch Unlikely Animal Friends Tonight on NatGEO

NatGEO’s got another show airing this weekend. I haven’t seen this one, so this isn’t a review – it’s just a quick note with some video previews and an invitation to join me in watching this show at 8pm (EST) tonight. You may already be familiar with Christian the Lion, the YouTube celeb. NatGEO’s Unlikely Animal Friends will be featuring the story of John and Ace and their unlikely friendship